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  1. What setting controls how quickly or the distance in which the AI spots the player?
  2. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
  3. My problem ended up being something different IIRC (this was just on mine so it may be different on the others' in this thread) I already had these settings but it didn't work, what works for me when dismemberment randomly breaks is just "exec openjk_sp.cfg" in the main title screen
  4. Bump for same reasons as my last comment... I should get around to learning how to do it. But I can't do textures or anything artistic for shit. I've tried doing models before but I'm not good at it. Something practice should fix but for now bump
  5. I can't really tell from the video what exactly is the mod?
  6. You know I have to suggest him at every possible chance lol
  7. Yeah I was confused when they asked that
  8. I might of suggested in this thread before so sorry if so but Kao Cen Darrach?
  9. bump because I forgot to learn how to mod and now don't have time to (also laziness)
  10. The first one is also part of movie battles I'm pretty sure
  11. Let the past die. Kill it if you have to Actually tho it's a necessary evil to make legends, they couldn't just make the new movies remakes of the books
  12. Then why are they bringing back prequel stuff lately instead of pushing the sequel era? Also how is clone wars going to flop? Do you mean the quality will be bad or what? It's still filoni and he has been consistently good
  13. I'd be shocked if they tried to do that, also samurai jack and this show are structured very differently
  14. What do you mean? Siege of mandalore was already planned as a 4 episode arc and the other 8 we've most likely seen before and they were paced fine
  15. Yeah I figured this out a bit ago but forgot to update this thread, thank you though!
  16. 1. probably 2. Kinda look up filoni's stuff about the siege to know more but i don't want to give too much away 3. The story arcs that were intended for her are now in dark disciple so it's unlikely to be re done (It's a great book tho)
  17. I don't think there's anything wrong with that in this situation, @DartVader just showed what he was referencing
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