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Jan Ors head (Hi-Def)

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(Actress/model reference: Mandy Amano)


Here are my front and side reference images (I had to manipulate the sideview image in Photoshop to get things lined up properly):




Yes, I'm aware her front pic has her head slightly tilted to her right and rotated a smidge to her left. 


So here is the final reference images:




I have taken the right half of the face (front view) and mirrored it over for complete symmetry... I will have to take into account the temple area as it sis a little wider than normal in this mirrored image.  It also messed up her upper lip in the middle (losing some roundness).  I tweaked the ear in Photoshop to get it to properly line up... (as typically the ear should fit between the top of the eye and the bottom of the nose).



Ok... so here's what I've managed to do so far poly-modeling inside 3ds Max. Life and work hinder my progress:




The lower part of the nose is finished (inner nostrils not shown)... but I need to work on the upper bridge area of nose (it's not Asian-enough) and the eye-sockets, as well as continue flushing out the lips. The lips match her relaxed side-view mouth reference image-- whereas in the front view reference image she has pulled the corners of her mouth up. When I get these areas finished then I'll start on the ear and then fill in the rest of the face.

Currently, she's a little spooky with those eyes staring at you... :P

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This is the same method I tend to use, just make sure to plan everything out so that when you go to fill in areas like the temple and cheeks the poly flow remains consistent.


Just need to rework the upper eyelid some, it should have a slight fold from the center close to the outer corner.

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@@minilogoguy18 -- Thanks for the input... but those additional edges between the eyebrows will be necessary for brow wrinkling when the eyebrows move towards the center for some facial expressions. I forgot to delete that one center edge (where you are seeing 2 triangles...). When I remove that edge you will have a quad-- but for now it has to remain because of the Symmetry Modifier. There are no triangles in the mesh... everything will be all quads. But you're right that I won't need to carry those edges higher up the forehead. :winkthumb:

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You should really pick up Zbrush or Mudbox, you'll be done in half the time. :)


I have both Mudbox and 3D-Coat (though I've not spent any time in either) ...I guess new things come slowly to me. Maybe after I have the first-cut in 3dsMax I'll take it into 3D-Coat... I don't have a lot of "free" time to experiment with the new tools.

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@Archangel135757 it's certainly coming along nicely but her (from our perspective) right eyelid is kinda different but I know that can be annoying when it means not working with symmetry.

It is using a symmetry modifier-- the difference is due to the default scene lighting.

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