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Maybe a little too much yellow.

might be dDo's lighting system , HDR Image-based Lighting and I can't load custom images in there so the lighting will allways be tinted , for the next shots I'll leave the background in


EDIT : Just one of my retarded Ideas.... there's an Astromech tag for the Xwing , right ? that bolts an astromech model to the Xwing , correct ?

what if we create an ST-Pilot and set him up like an Astromech and then bolt him to the ST via the Astromech tag ?

That way we could porbably achieve what @@Archangel35757 asked for

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I would rather you add a driver tag, no? It would be nice to have a few animations that play on the commander-- raise lid and lower lid, binocular search, maybe one death animation where he slumps over.


Did you ever play Rebellion's WWII Sniper Elite? It had the best combat AI ever. Sometimes when a tank was blown up the wounded tank commander would open the cupola trying to escape but the flames would overcome him.

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The problem with the driver tag is in the code, I tried using it on the AT-RT and the driver would never show which forced me to use the tauntaun class for that vehicle. This definitely needs to be fixed in OpenJK.


Before it is asked, yes, my .veh file also had the /showDriver line or whichever is needed but not matter what the driver was invisible.


It was discussed as not working for walker type vehicles at one point on this forum, something to do with the code.

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still has some issues with the AO Bake , but I got allmost everything sorted out AAAAAND I crammed the wire UV's inbetween the AT-ST Uv's so this whole thing runs on a single 2k map for now

I also have to work at the material sepperation - so far most of the bolts and plates are assigned to the same material group in dDo which I dont like , so I'll have to split the material groups further


This is, a downscaled, version of my Material map - each color belongs to a specific material


Once I'm done with this there will be various gray pieces scattered all over the orange areas here

each of these representing a bolt or small plate

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@@AshuraDX -- are you applying an AO texture that is already baked into diffuse map while working in 3dsMax? You could also add the AO texture all by itself in the Diffuse Levels Map slot-- which is different than diffuse slot (if you use an Oren-Nayar-Blinn Shader. Then you can just assess the AO map inside Max before you combine it into diffuse map.

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@@Archangel35757 I'M working in dDo so the AO map is a seperate input which I can easily swap out and adjust anytime so I dont really lose any progress just need to do a new production render in dDo everytime I switch out the AO and Material map whch is a little Time Consuming

but absolutely not the end of the world

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Yeah, I'd like to get on it once rend2 comes around for SP. It's looking like it's getting pretty far in MP. @@ent also has some nice audio stuff from jaMME which I might steal.


If you guys make more models though (pls remake teh guns :) :) ) I'd probably be more convinced to return. No bribe intended. :o


I thought silverfang or someone else were working on JK2 guns. If need be, I can throw my hat into the ring and make some. ;)

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I thought silverfang or someone else were working on JK2 guns. If need be, I can throw my hat into the ring and make some. ;)

If you mean the blasters seen in jka and jk2 then I think Rooxon was working on some as well, but I haven't seen him in awhile.

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