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I started on this a while back because ever since I could remember I didn't like the way the AT-ST in both JK2 and JA looked. The proportions and shape seemed very off and for a model of it's size it had a mere fraction of the geometric detail a player model has. To me it was like taking a low resolution picture and displaying it on a big screen.


atst.obj (click to view in 3D)




I imported the base AT-ST to get the size close to the base version, which is actually smaller than it should be but for it to work in say SP in areas where if I scaled it to it's true size it would get stuck, like the Cairn maps for instance.


So far it's modeled and UV mapped, needs textures, skeleton, rig and animations. I could use the base skeleton but I'd rather not since the walk animation kinda bugs me, the stride isn't right.


If anyone would want to help out with the textures inquire within, I'm not that good at it.

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I modeled mine directly over the blueprints you can find online using them as a rotoscope so it should be pretty accurate. The differences from the base model are pretty clear when they're side by side like that.


Currently sits at 6380 triangles, not bad considering the detail and how large the model is in relation to a player model, most base model characters are around 3k triangles.

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Sounds great! Some new movements would really make this feel authentic!


One quick question. Whenever the player uses "playermodel atst", the camera is down by the AT-ST's feet. I'm wondering if there is anyway to move the view point up, so it's actually usable. I know you can use the vehicle or just use the camera commands, but it could be kinda neat to have this bug ironed out.

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Could a moderator possibly move this to the DF2 mod models and animations thread?


It belongs better there since it will be used for that mod then later considered if I'll release it separately. If I really like the way it comes out rig and animation wise I may just release the Mod Tool scene file as a teaching resource for vehicle animation in the game.

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This is so much better than the base model, awesome. Hope it gets a great skin and shaders to boot.. would love a clean + dirty version, maybe even a camo?


I think the detail in that centre cylinder connecting the head to the legs is a bit unnecessary, as well as the dome thingy under the.. 'shoulders'? 


This also needs to be made efficient, it's double the tris:




As in like this:



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The turret is the only place where this can be changed, the other places the cylinder does not go all the way through nor is it the same diameter at the other end. This was built heavily on the official blue prints for as much accuracy as possible and even being a little on the high side it's only at 6k tris. For something of it's size that's not that bad since it will also have LOD's unlike the base AT-ST.


As far as skin variants, there would probably only be dirt that may be different colored on the feet and lower legs to match the level, a camo version wasn't in the game so it wont be done.


I am however thinking of releasing the source files to this model since a lot of people seem to not know how to get such a model in game since it will not use the base AT-ST animations even though it does match the skeleton perfectly. I want better animations.

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Well say in areas like the imperial base where the ground isn't dirt it will use a skin that has clean feet and for say a jungle, dark brown and gray will be on the feet and lower legs. Or say if the level is barren it will be sandy colored. First thing though is to figure out the IK for the "shoulders" since I've added some more realistic joints and I'm kinda stumped atm on how to approach it but I'll figure it out. I figured out how to make the pistons on the AT-RT pump properly when animating the legs so I should be able to figure this one out.

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No, not just because I'm not a fan of the series but mostly because I have way too much on my plate to even make a small adjustment like that.


At the moment I'm still trying to work out the "shoulders" as far as control rig, I pretty much want to be able to grab 1 control object at the first large leg joint, be able to move it and have the "shoulders" move properly. If you look at the model in 3d you'll see what I mean, the joints at each end are similar to a u-joint on say a propeller shaft on a FR layout car.


I MAY however release this model as a pure, unaltered Softimage scene file for others to use as learning material on how to get models with custom skeletons and animations in game that are a little more complex than an x-wing with landing gear. Making a non humanoid NPC is pretty much the same.

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Finally got it mostly sorted out, as you can see the area of the Femur was very difficult given the way the mechanical joint moves, when viewed in the schematic view all the links making it work can be confusing to look at, even for me since it took 3 tries to remake it for the right side since duplicate symmetrically didn't work.


Forgot that I already UV mapped this. XD


Just needs textures and animations.

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Not sure if I'm going to attempt it or pass it on, I downloaded a Substance Painter trial to test it out but I've been working so much lately that I haven't really had the time to try it out much.


I'd like to have a few different textures to match the levels that you fight them in, like one that is more clean that you fight in the imperial base and the other that has sandy feet and legs that you fight in the canyons.


I need to redo the UV's on the main cannons since somehow they were lost when I redid a part of them, must have forgotten to merge the UV's.

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