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Shameless Doubleposting to bring you an update


Finished the top of the cabin and got some AO & curvature in the diffuse channel for now - will tackle the bottom tommorow , or actually today , afternoon.


Please note that the AO bake has some errors due to mirroring and such I didn't consider yet , so I got some cleaning up to do here and there

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Would be cool to see a finished rend2 in SP & MP so we can use such coolness. Would be sweet to see it in JO SP. :D



Side note:


I think the original one has the 'closed' and 'open' positions as 2 different surfaces which get toggled on/off via code. I seem to remember seeing this, but not 100% sure.

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Some of the cannons look a little off. I think the chin guns are a bit too big and the right side cannon doesn't look quite right either. It should have more of a blaster look. I don't know if model changes can be made at this point but I think some adjustments are necessary. Here is some reference that might help. If you can still make changes that is.



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I used an official blueprint as a rotoscope. If you just google AT-ST you'll see there are literally tons of iterations of this thing out there, there really isn't a right or wrong way to make it but I followed the blueprints as close as possible without cramming too much detail in there.




It's a little far along to be making mesh changes, especially with how complex the UV layout is, I really crammed everything in there tight.

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it's a change that could be applied while keeping 99% oft the UV layout the same though , you could even use the existing topology and just by shrinking/moving a few edgeloops get the suggested shape

then just relax the UV chunk for the blaster and voila - i'll only commit those changes if @@minilogoguy18 likes the idea

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I think we should just leave it, it matches the blueprint so I'm fine with it and like I said, the AT-ST is different in nearly every image you find on the net, there is no right or wrong. I just followed an official blueprint at least so I'm definitely way closer than a lot of games out there and custom models from what I've googled.

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@@minilogoguy18 , mind if I add a few 4 sided wires to the mesh ?  I'll make sure that weighting them wont be too much work and they'll stay a sepperate object you can just import in your scene

skinning wires like this seriously doesn't look good . they'll total at around 8 wires some might be made as alpha mapped planes


Anyway here's the current update




EDIT : added the wires/tubes


they currently use a single 128² texture and add 248 vertices to the model , including the 2 extra wires, not seen in this image, that are attached to the pilot cabin

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