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Well I don't think that's a real problem because the game loaded the old model which like I said if you open the animation.cfg it's different.

I am digging through the ATST code right now actually. Do you have a PK3 of this AT-ST that I can check?

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It's been released for some time @@eezstreet. It is probably some sort of glitch with his save file if you're referring to what @@GLTh3Pr0 was talking about since I recently experienced some save file loading issues when swapping pk3 files out of the base that were there and on screen when the game was saved.


Ahh, yeah.

Mind if I have permission to modify it and include it as part of my JK2:Enhanced mod? I have added some additional changes, like hardcoding the mucky one to only appear on yavin_canyon and an altered animsounds.cfg to have footstep and head turning sound effects.

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