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Mighty nice! This looks like this is going to be a really awesome mod! I really like the customization you've given to the female Imp officers. We really could use a good female Imperial Officer model.


Keep up the good work!

Thank you!)


@@OlgO looks pretty good, but some of those skin tones don't look very natural. The left ones are too grey, the middle are too red, and the right are too white/light.



Yes, I can set up a mod forum for you. PM me with the details.

Thanks! Yea I know I know, those skins are beta and will be worked on, exept of that grey one, that suppose to be so (like, you know, grey evil imperial face)))


Oh man, I know what model I'm looking forward too now from this mod. :D

Yea its good that "imperial" levels are among the first ones and will be included in demo as well as this model)

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It was mentioned before, that some maps were created as fas as many-many years ago. A lot of maps are complete, finished in one way or another. Some require more work on lights, some needed change of architecture (and that was done last year to a variety of maps). In recent years we've added several additional quests and characters to certain locations. Most of the NPCs have names and bios, and it's possible to read those via datapads or holocomputers. It's not necessary, but adds some realism of the game, I believe. Sometimes datapads will have hints on puzzles and traps you'll encounter.


As fot the NPCs - there are many NPC files added by our team with the mod. Most of the NPCs have from 2-3 up to 10 or more skins, thus allowing yo create a more diverse atmosphere. Different people with different faces. It's novice in modern games, but JA has everything to make that possible.

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I really appreciate that you're still working on this after so much time and that you updated it to reflect current abilities. Most of all, I'm glad I found out about it recently rather than long ago because I don't have to be quite so patient about waiting for it to be released, though I know it'll still take some time. Keep up the good work, and I eagerly await all updates.

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Hi all!

Wanna ask ask your opinion again!

As you probably know the first level of our add-on is an imperial dreadnaught where Kyle fights against stormtroopers, navy troopers and imperial officers. But should there be neutral npcs?  I mean technicians who fixing everything around, welding staff and so on? Or all the npcs on an enemy ship should be our enemies and try to fight Kyle?


Right now we got technicians on the level, they don't take any notice of Kyle but if Kyle shoots them they raise their hands in surrender... NumberWan and some other people thinks its strange that they don't attack us... I think that we have enough enemies and there should be neutrals just for an environment, though I wanted to make them afraid of Kyle and if Kyle gets close enough to them they start to cower and try to run away (like jawas in Tatooine level), but I couldn't do that yet. What do you think?

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It sounds like you guys already have a ton of enemies...I'd stick with the technicians being afraid of the Player. Especially since they'll only have weak weapons like a welding staff and other various tools. If you see a guy with a lightsaber, I wouldn't take a wrench out to beat them up! :)


What could be cool, though, is that if you use them, they'd give you some goodies. Like, since they are techs, they'd probably have some items on them and they could just give them to you. I'd also keep the surrender thing, as seeing grown men cower like the jawas did always looks a bit off.

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I guess, we'll need a poll to decide. The reason why I would like to see an Imperial Technician as an adversary, is that making them neutral isn't that fun in a level like this. They don't act naturally, even if you set them to avoid the Player and so on. I guess, it is possible to do things like this, but yet, it must look persuasive (and JA isn't exactly the game which is good at such things). I think most people will blast them anyway.


The second reason is that it's a tradition now, that if you fall into Imperial hive, its members will attack you one by one no matter what. Since the first Star Wars games. Just think of Dark Forces 1 and 2, as well as MOTS, JO, JA, TFU - the enemies are enemies. =)


The third reason is that the game has plenty of neutrals on different levels, including on Imperial worlds. For instance, there is an entire city, where you can see stormtroopers, but also technical staff and Imperial citizens.

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The mod is definitely alive and is a work in progress. We are a bit busy these months, but hopefully the period of silence will end in June. We've completed several minor things, and some maps can now be called being at the last stage of development - the lights.


Olgo continues her work on models and mapping, so that we can release the first part of our modification. It would include several missions and two planets. Part 2 is also being polished and we would like to work on it after the release of Part 1 somewhere in July.


Another member of our team, whom we call Rage is also working on a map, but for one of the later missions in a mod (like Part 5 or 6). He sent me the latest screens of his progress, and I am very impressed. Perhaps I will post them here as well some time later.


We also plan a video release to show some new cool stuff, and minor pre-mod downloads, which've been in plans for months.


Don't worry: the mod is alive. With new people having joined our team and the material we've created, I feel positive about completing the project.

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