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This map you see are all subject to change. I am a relatively new mapper. I do have a minor in game design that I completed at the Savanah College of art and design so I was able to pick up on JKA mapping in a timely manner. So far I been working on this map since about October last year. In December I had multiple people play test an alpha version and I will soon have the beta ready for testing.

The original idea of this map was to be used for JAWA league. It is designed to be able to host a very wide range of events and activities. However I also wanted this map to be a sorts of a playground. Fun to explore and try different challenges in the map. The map is a strafer/snipers haven but also great for merc and enough room to fly some ships around in. So I been slowly polling ideas from the community in general and trying to learn as much as I can. I am full open to all ideas/complaints you may have so please to hold back against me. As soon as I can release a beta ill be sure to update this as I go.

Current features:

  • Weapons placed
  • Health pick ups placed
  • FFA spawn points
  • One Tie-fighter spawner (1 min timer)
  • Working elevators in other areas, not (main building)
  • Seph tears
  • Map transition cam
  • Working doors
  • Main hangar door if open will stay open unless you close it, the others close on their own.
  • Custom skybox
  • Vertex alpha blended terrain
  • Few tested/working jumps with jump slope shoots for fun

Heres a list of things that still needs done:

1: Main building rebuilt/textured/detailed (being rebuilt so -vis, or basically only things that should render are being rendered for optimized FPS in duel tournaments)
2: Update admin room
3: Script the F̵̢͔̦͎̮̺̯͕̠͇͈̪̺̽̏͂̈͗̐̊̏̋͛͜͝͝Ų̵̨̪̠͚͈͈͕͙͕̤̤̤̋̿̉͆̒͐͑̓͘̕͘C̵̨͒̃͐͛́̋̈́͘͠K̸̘͔̅̈́̿̽̒̒̈́̊̋̓̉̓̋͝I̸̛͈͉̓̀͌̊͌̊́̑̊̿̌͋̉͝Ñ̵͉̗̰͜G̵̛̠̦̘̮̪̿́ͅ elevator (I hate scripting) what I am trying to script is not easy. 
4: Finish secret reward areas
5: bot routes/TFFA spawns
6: Test and add some more strafe jumps
7: (I'm gonna TRY to do this) Horizon blend map to look seamless to skybox.
8: Employ testers to test map again since so much as been added.
9: Improve lighting


recent terrain testing thanks to @mjt and @AshuraDX



quick vid tor of map WIP



also a big thanks to @AngelModder, @Helena Revan @ensiform @Artemis @Mooku @SomaZ
who helped get me this far....tons of advice or tips or pointers. and also JK hub and JK community discord! if I missed ya ...let me know ill be sure to add ya. just let me know. hard to keep track lol.

oh also huge shout out to @Szico VII I never got to meet this dude but his source maps and tutorials have been life changing. I recommend everyone check out his work.

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Testing fish for secret area... I used Szico VII's horizon blend tutorial to make the water and blend the terrain to looks like its going from dry to wet sand....I am using his skybox in this so ill still need to make my own for this area. still in its infant stages of testing... will be using what i learn in this to make a new secret area in main map for ppl to enjoy.






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