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    love the style and how ya used the horizon blending tutorial. The texture on the canopy is really nice.... I only have minor critiques so feel free to PM me for more if interested.
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    Nice map overall! I have only minor critiques I could offer so if interested feel free to PM me and id be happy to tell ya my thoughts.
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    SUMMER MOD CONTEST 2021 WINNER This map was made for the 2021 JKhub summer contest and based off Final Fantasy 7 references to Costa del sol from the original game and Crisis Core. Also took influence from the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Some areas in this map are never seen in any version of the Final Fantasy games so that’s where I took some creative liberties. Couple picks ups to be found and some jump challenges for strafers. Map is also fun to fly on or other events. Lighting not fully done...wanted to use external light maps and blend the terrain more but ran out of time. https://jawaclan.com/profile/4229-sephff/ MJT: https://jkhub.org/profile/4531-mjt/ ----------------------------------------------------------- Map Info: Map Name: costadelsol Released: Sept 14th Filesize: bsp 20mb Version: 1.0 Build Time: 6 weeks Brush Count: 9121 ----------------------------------------------------------- Features: FFA / TFFA / Duel Botrouting: no New Music: Yes (Best to play map with music on!!!!) New Textures: Yes New Shaders: Yes New Sounds: No New Models: Yes New NPC: Yes <---- had to remove last min too buggy New Skybox: Yes ----------------------------------------------------------- ***********IMPORTANT*********** Source .MAP file inside the pk3. Feel free to use anything SephFF or MJT has made in this map for your own maps made for Jedi Academy. I only ask that you give proper credit. If you want to port the map for a different game, you will need to request permission. Tho boat sometimes does not move so requires a map restart to work also if a player blocks the boats movment it will mess up the animations for a full loop cycle of the animation intill it resets on its own. ***********IMPORTANT*********** ----------------------------------------------------------- Programs Used: NetRadiant -20210105 Photoshop2021 Blender ----------------------------------------------------------- Credits: SephFF Brush work, patches, skybox, custom textures, layout of lvl and structural brushes/details, player spawns, TFFA spawns, transition cam and lots of testing and compiling. MJT (CO-Author): Made barrel npc/model light maps and helped with countless shaders, and building tips remaps. Made the terrain and added waterfall and textured itmes in blender for smooth transitions....this dude does black magic. mrwonko: Blender tools and Animation/scripting using ROFF in blender of the boat in the water like a boss (black magic) Ashurdax: helped clip impossible to clip stairs with their 3ds max plugin Somaz: Blender tools and mapping tips Niger: Helped with showing me some alpha shader tips and sky box is based a person named ydnar off his shaderlabs 1337 DarthLekku: Shared with me the shader to get the fish to look all fish like. Helena Ravan: Mapping tips and testing found all kinds of things for me to fix Shadow: helped with roof and bollard's on the dock and testing Szico: Horizon blending / alpha shader tutorial found on JKhub https://jkhub.org/forums/topic/10100-horizon-blending/ Also some ground grass and rock textures came from textures.com ----------------------------------------------------------- Installation: Place the costadelsol.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder. ----------------------------------------------------------- Run map commands: To play this map not a server pull down the console with (shift + `) then type /devmap costadelsol To spawn NPC /npc spawn barrel_costa
  3. felly agree will have to adjust them....main reason i have them is so if flying a ship...you can kinda tell if ur about to hit the skybox lol
  4. small update: poor quality stream but it was my first time trying youtube streaming. the main thing i like how tauntauns can go where a player cant.
  5. this actually gave me a cool idea for a ctf/tffa map lol
  6. ......UUUH lol here is a video showing some updates...may answer your question lol Video:
  7. hmmm I like this....also in love with the drawing....here is mine based off your feed back. overhead few of map in editor. I'm hesitant to add more to purple area since current map size is 17,184 X 17184 units.... gatta make it big for believable horizon blending. also some more images if it now...
  8. fully agree.... I like the fish killing ppl idea....mainly because I live near an ocean and oceans can be damn scary sometimes lol. With how jump works in this game and the RDFA cancels/water glitch/inverted poly glitch sorta forces map boundaries to be annoyingly tall.....I highly appreciate your input. Think ill do buoys that show where fish can murder you.
  9. Yeah....For the summer contest map, so far progress is looking good on it, no custom textures yet. working on trying to get the buildings done right then ill do terrain/water and blend stuff with appropiate textures. I think i'll make this map its own thing for the contest then add it to the main map. For the contest, I do not plan on doing the inside parts of the buildings, I think that would take too long to detail correctly. ill probly save that for the main map. Honestly might not be a bad map for duel/FFA/TFFA... that is if I can keep the FPS okay of course. WIP images: bout 8 hours of work to get to this point... started map fresh so I can blend the water in right. Edit: question.... im torn on the idea of limiting players with clip brush....I personally prefer I am free to go where I want in a map, leave clipping to stairs or weird edges to stop players from getting stuck. Would people prefer they are limited to a small section of the map? or have the whole thing open to them? I can understand reason for it, to keep game play to certain areas only. Just would like opinions on this.
  10. Testing fish for secret area... I used Szico VII's horizon blend tutorial to make the water and blend the terrain to looks like its going from dry to wet sand....I am using his skybox in this so ill still need to make my own for this area. still in its infant stages of testing... will be using what i learn in this to make a new secret area in main map for ppl to enjoy. Video:
  11. I might need to upload this into a tutorial map or something..... BUT its interesting to see what you can work with in terms of slopes. I think what grabed my attention the most is the fact that a tauntaun can travel on a slope the player can not.... Might make for an interesting map design. The swoop is pretty limited in terms of slopes in boost speeds.
  12. Thanks! took me like 2 weeks to make in photoshop....it was an extremely painful experience lol.
  13. This map you see are all subject to change. I am a relatively new mapper. I do have a minor in game design that I completed at the Savanah College of art and design so I was able to pick up on JKA mapping in a timely manner. So far I been working on this map since about October last year. In December I had multiple people play test an alpha version and I will soon have the beta ready for testing. The original idea of this map was to be used for JAWA league. It is designed to be able to host a very wide range of events and activities. However I also wanted this map to be a sorts of a playground. Fun to explore and try different challenges in the map. The map is a strafer/snipers haven but also great for merc and enough room to fly some ships around in. So I been slowly polling ideas from the community in general and trying to learn as much as I can. I am full open to all ideas/complaints you may have so please to hold back against me. As soon as I can release a beta ill be sure to update this as I go. Current features: Weapons placed Health pick ups placed FFA spawn points One Tie-fighter spawner (1 min timer) Working elevators in other areas, not (main building) Seph tears Map transition cam Working doors Main hangar door if open will stay open unless you close it, the others close on their own. Custom skybox Vertex alpha blended terrain Few tested/working jumps with jump slope shoots for fun Heres a list of things that still needs done: 1: Main building rebuilt/textured/detailed (being rebuilt so -vis, or basically only things that should render are being rendered for optimized FPS in duel tournaments) 2: Update admin room 3: Script the F̵̢͔̦͎̮̺̯͕̠͇͈̪̺̽̏͂̈͗̐̊̏̋͛͜͝͝Ų̵̨̪̠͚͈͈͕͙͕̤̤̤̋̿̉͆̒͐͑̓͘̕͘C̵̨͒̃͐͛́̋̈́͘͠K̸̘͔̅̈́̿̽̒̒̈́̊̋̓̉̓̋͝I̸̛͈͉̓̀͌̊͌̊́̑̊̿̌͋̉͝Ñ̵͉̗̰͜G̵̛̠̦̘̮̪̿́ͅ elevator (I hate scripting) what I am trying to script is not easy. 4: Finish secret reward areas 5: bot routes/TFFA spawns 6: Test and add some more strafe jumps 7: (I'm gonna TRY to do this) Horizon blend map to look seamless to skybox. 8: Employ testers to test map again since so much as been added. 9: Improve lighting Videos: recent terrain testing thanks to @mjt and @AshuraDX quick vid tor of map WIP also a big thanks to @AngelModder, @Helena Revan @ensiform @Artemis @Mooku @SomaZ who helped get me this far....tons of advice or tips or pointers. and also JK hub and JK community discord! if I missed ya ...let me know ill be sure to add ya. just let me know. hard to keep track lol. oh also huge shout out to @Szico VII I never got to meet this dude but his source maps and tutorials have been life changing. I recommend everyone check out his work.
  14. @AshuraDX Rocks.

    Map is WIP


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      amazing looking outpost!

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      This looks great!

  15. Wish I could remember where I learned that. @mjt was it you? What i do remember was looking at vis and I noticed no vis cubes where caulk was....So i got the idea to just fill things with caulk and it really does speed things up.
  16. I am trying to slowly compile over time useful information that may be helpful or unknown to mappers. All the information I am looking for is something JKA game mechanics related. As I continue to explore mechanics in the editor I'll add it to this post if you know anything, I would appreciate any help you have. Or if you know I am extremely wrong about something might be good to let me know. Other examples could be slope limits, entity limits, sniper range, vehicle sizes anything really. I searched the internet but was not able to find a good list of this sort of information about the game. Later on this info can be compiled for quick reference. Here are a few examples of what I mean, all of these I tested in game:
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