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  1. Sure i created files you need but i can only send as a mail because i don't use any upload platform
  2. I tried to re-exporting the model without making any changes vertex normals lost after importing and then i tried to re-exporting after switch the glm file with the original one using the latest plugin on Blender 2.83 LTS but nothing changes the same problem continues
  3. Hi guys i started to frankensteining with using Blender 2.64 a few days later. I don't know many things about the software or 3D modelling just doing some little changes on the original Jedi Knight models for now. I'm working on Jedi Outcast Kyle model when i delete or edit any objects on the model for example deleting shoulder pad or switch the head with other models and export the .glm file i'm not getting any error in Blender but Kyle's face looks weird in the game. I didn't change anything about the face part and i started to searching the reason of this situation and i detected the only one difference between the original model and my custom model. Vertex Group names hierarchy in the Object Data of head_face_0 looks different but i didn't change it i think Blender changes automatically after exporting but when i try to change the hierarchy like the original one and export after change i import the model i see it turns to wrong like before my change so i can't doing any place change in the list. I guess the problem is wrong hierarchy of these vertex groups. I don't know how can i fix it i couldn't find anything about it help me please.
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