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  1. As maps go. I've released Mechtemple for JK2 and soon for JA. It's big. basically there are only a few areas, it's just they are big areas. I'm moving into a more fighting friendly configuration with a few maps I am working on to be sweet and to the point I'm working on a new thermal golf map after mech temple thermal golf. It's interesting..... And I am working on a new game type map, (or at least trying to make a tffa match be a little more interesting). Team only bases with a mixed fighting area in the middle with targets on the wall to turn stuff on and off in the fighting area that can hurt players. Team only buttons in each base to control stuff in the middle. Middle targets to damage someone at the controls inside the base trying to hit a trigger (for a little retaliation). It's got a lot going on for a map of it's size. I might even add ctf to it. There might be a little strategy involved even though the flags will be so close. I think it may get a few people who don't use custom maps to give it a shot if it works out well. No one has much of an idea what is to happen with it. It's came from thoughts of wanting to make a rocketball map to shoot rockets at each other then I got a few more ideas. It's mostly complete working on it for about 5-6 hours now. I'm just adding in the cool stuff atm. I'm still convinced custom maps are the best maps and I enjoy making them. I enjoy testing them. If others like then cool, if they sit around and never get played it won't bother me, I still enjoyed the whole process. So much work I have done has never left beta stages. I find it fun just creating stuff and thinking up new ways of doing things. There's a good group of guys in JK2 that get a good kick out of the stuff I've come up with lately. He had a great time playing thermal golf in the temple of mechanism and exploring around on the weekend. ( holes complete for a new thermal golf map in a star destroyer ready for beta soon
  2. Hey Acro, sorry about that. There was an error when I submitted the file and turned out to be 2 of the same. I requested the one you commented on be removed due to it being a duplicate and had errors in the text. The missing shaders are caused from a previous version of mech temple so the .09 version here I released a while back or other maps such as templeofmechanism_beta.pk3 or mechtemple_b1.pk3 or bbetamaps1.pk3 (limited beta release). The slide shader was changed and the lava shader changed in the other area u described with your comment that is why you are missing a couple textures, it's a version conflict. One of the testers had experienced this problem.
  3. Definitly Great fun! I've got a new golf map in the works close to beta 2 stage to have something you guys can test. I've also developed something yesterday. Possibly a new game type sort of for TFFA. Team bases with a middle fighting area with cool stuff to help your team or hurt the other team located inside the bases and inside the fighting area to trigger with weapons etc. I look forward to testing that one Keep your eyes out after the 1st at JK2.info. I am most active there recently with a more JK2 focused crowd and modders. I'd be exhausted keeping up WIPs all the time on 2 forums but I update most the important stuff here when I can. And of course, I have worked some on Mech Temple for JA. I do want to work out a few more things for you guys. **And one last note: There may be a shader conflict with any other templeofmechanism.pk3 or mechtemple beta maps. I think some lava in one area doesn't show up and a wood texture was changed in the shader. A different lava shader was made in one area compared to the beta shader, and the slide shader was changed in the shader file, so there is a confirmed conflict if you also have the beta map or bbetamaps1.pk3 (limited release) in your base folder. The only way to avoid this is to make shaders unique to each beta but that takes a lot of work so sorry for any problems with shaders missing and if they are just remove all other beta maps for mech temple. JKHub.org is awesome though!
  4. Well, Bespin Arena has undergone some surgery. The map name is / may be changed. Bespin arena was working toward the "epic" scale before I continued work on the temple of mechanism. I used parts of it for the temple of mechanism and decided to do a little something different. I kept the middle area from the WIP but deleted everything else and turned it into a medium to large Free For All / Thermal Golf map. So basically, I wanted to finish work on the middle area plus I wanted to make a new golf map after the temple of Mechanism, so I decided to combine the two. I've got half of the golf course roughly laid out which is playable currently with grenades enabled. Lando will give you a "waaahoooo!" When a grenade goes off in the hole. I made a golf map for the Temple of Mechanism. I wanted to make one with a bit more tech just for fun so this map happened. Hole #1 looking back to the entrance from the middle area. I'm working on getting a beta map ready for the public, It will be a part of a new map pack some of us at JK2.info are working on.. There is a few other things to the map I cannot show screen shots of just yet due to spoilers or talk about some stuff currently. It's turning out pretty neat so far. Again, it's an early beta, There are many things to do like some bug fixes and z-fighting here and there and stuff. I did make something new yesterday that would be a neat prefab people can use. I can't talk about it yet either but It's looking pretty good so far and is a close adaptation to the original. So, Bespin arena, aka. Bespin_traps, aka, Vader's Golfinader has received some new life. I will update when I have a beta for the public. I'll try to accommodate you JA guys too It's all bundled up and does not rely on JK2 or JK3 base textures, shaders, or efx.
  5. Where can I get one of them volumetric black lights? Spencer's? in the mall? I'd like one for my room
  6. 237 downloads

    Title : The Temple of Mechanism Type : FFA, TFFA, Jedimaster File Name : mechtemple.pk3 Map BSP name : mech^1temple.bsp / mech^1golf.bsp File Size : It's big, just take my word for it. Authors : lil_binger, with some elements Ook made for the Forest House. Date of Release : December 24th, 2015 *Attention : seta com_hunkMegs 128 or higher is required* ====================================================================== Description: The Temple of Mechanism Location : Yavin 4 Backstory: The Temple of Mechanism is an Ancient temple only recently discovered without much known about the previous inhabitants. They did leave a few clues behind and it seems the previous occupants were harnessing an unknown power which they called "The Force". Discovering the possibilities this new power gave them. Set in a time before there were "Jedi" or "Sith". Map History: Originally, The temple of Mechanism was intended to be a follow up map for an old map called "The Outhouse". I begain making the map when I was active in the community back in 2004 or 2005. I did some work on the map back in the day but never officially released it. I didn't play JK2 for a long time until I decided to get GTK radiant working again in 2013. Working on the map off and on since 2013 it's now ready to be released to the public. This map was built with fun being the main focus. Multi level paths are found throught the map with many secrets and places to explore. Specifically built for JK2 1.02. There is some functionality built into the design only 1.02 participants can utilize. This map is a compilation of sorts. I've gone through many of the maps I have made in the past and have cut, pasted and redesigned everything to complete this map. It did not make it any easier that way but everything has just fit so nicely together. Players who have seen any or many of my previous maps I have made for JK2 will recognize little and big details everywhere. It's really hard to say how much time I have spent making the map since some elements were made for other maps in a differnt timeline. ====================================================================== PK3 Details: Included are 2 maps. The Main map, mech^1temple.bsp has compatibality for Free for All, Team Free for All and Jedi Master gametypes. Mech^1golf.bsp is compatible with FFA, TFFA and Jedi Master. Pk3 Mod Instructions: In the map are many textures that can be replaced making a pk3 with your own textures. I was going to make a mod to include here with picture dimensions etc but I will give instructions instead. The main thing is to make sure a texture mod for the map, all the pictures u are replacing be the same size as the ones seen in the game. Then wrap them up in a pk3 and call it zmymechtemple mod or something. The name must start with a letter lower than "M" for JK2 to override the textures provided in the original map file. ====================================================================== Music: 2 Star Wars Parody songs originally stated as made by Wierd Al but I am not sure about where the song came from, I've looked for an author but never could determine other than Wierd Al( previously released with Khomm with the SHroomduck Inc. map pack. Custom Sound effects Credits ================================================================================ Bugs: Yes, a map is never finished. There is a Possibility of a v2 in the future to fix any bugs found. Plus JK2 1.02, some bugs will happen but we all love it ================================================================================ * Play Information * Level name(s) : The Temple of Mechanism JK version required : Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Star Wars Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy Bot-Support : Yes New Textures : Yes New Models : Yes New WAVs : Yes New Music : YES New Shaders : Yes New Effects : Yes Editor(s) used : GTKRadiant 1.4 and 1.6 (most recent), Photoshop, Q3map2 Install-Instructions : Extract mechtemple.pk3 to your GameData/base/ directory. The map will appear as "The Temple of Mechanism" in your map list. ================================================================================ THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY. This map is being released as Open Source - Anyone may use the map file for any reason as long as, all the "read me" files are included. If a separate release is made by someone else, a different name is required for a separate release. Anyone may use, in whole or, in parts or pieces, any part of they desire for their own project. Do please include all the read me files with a separate release and use a different name for your release if a large portion of the map is used. If using pieces or parts, just include the read me file for the map or other models by other authors and give us some credit There are models in the game built by other authors, Boothand (torch models, mounted moose antlers and pine trees) and tree models by Szico. There is a read me included for Szico's tree and use of these models are described in his read me so if the trees are used by anyone for a project make sure to read and include his read me file with any project they are used for. As for Boothand's models, I do not have a read me for them. Boothand knew I was going to release the map as open source and was very supportive of the idea and I am sure anyone using his models he made in this map would have his approval as long as he is given some credit for making them. "Porting" the geometry or the map file for another game is encouraged however, I do not control the use of Lucas Arts files or some other elements made by others provided in this release to be used in another game besides Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. All custom textures included with the map are free to use and modify (again make sure to include all the readme's if any textures are used). Any signs or textures I have made are free to use or modify.
  7. Everything but 5 and 2 sometimes, sounds like u should be playing JO 1 - FFA - It's not always ffa. Don't think of FFA like it's an all out free for all. There are only a few gametypes to choose from. There is no other better gametype for people to hangout and have fun and not have to kill other players every second. JK2 developed ff fights, where full force fights between 2 players occur. There were unwritten rules that many people followed and of course ignored. Playing so many other games, there are very few that accommodate just joining a server chatting and having fun. People do like to ffa in JK2 just not all the time. JK3 may be a bit too tame for having brutal battles with everyone having an all out ffa. Jk2 people do enjoy a good ffa. 2 - Laming - It is basically a part of JK2. Some servers are less or more tolerant. It does kinda depend on the admin. It's best not to interfere in a ff fight in progress though out of respect for those involved. 3 - Combat - I never liked JK3 combat very much. I prefer JK2 1.02 combat and there are a couple bugs but that is what makes things interesting. A player needs to know a few things to be competitive but with JK3, combat is just a little silly sometimes. You don't need to know a plethora of moves in JK2. 4 - mods - Most 1.02 servers use JK2mv. It's server side.mod. People have made some server side maps also which replace base maps but add new areas. Custom maps aren't used a whole lot besides the server side ones which are used every day (which people without the map can join, they just won't see the added areas, I wonder if anyone in JK3 has done that). Most people will be found on good 'ol ffa_bespin. There is one big point u may have missed about custom maps and mods, I believe they have contributed to the longevity of the entire community for both JK2 and 3. Some people can play on the same map every day but I can't. I like to have some variety. Having this variety does help the games live on. 5 - I think there are less people who play JK2. Thanks to JK2 Thugs facebook page, a lot of older players have been returning to the game. Full 32 person all out FFA battles still do occur. I think Thugs have been shooting for the 1st Monday of the month for a shin dig but many still play through out the month. CTF is still a big part of JK2 also. Many people like JK2 better, others like JK3 better. Maybe you should come hang out with us some time. Other than the game, you need to install JK2 1.04 (Patch) then install JK2MV at JK2mv.org and you'll be able to see every server for the 3 versions of JK2 in use. Any other JK3'er reading, if you don't know what you are missing, come by some time and visit.
  8. I do use negative values sometimes using lights. It does help getting an area a little darker sometimes. So if I make a map and have a light with a negative value to cancel light within the radius, what is this volumetric lighting going to do? Make the light that is supposed to be dark, glow? I would think others may use negative lights also.in their maps. Or maybe I'm such an old schooler, I may be the only person using them. The last 2 maps I have made have a negative light in there somewhere.
  9. I've released the Temple of Mechanism for JK2 here: https://jk2.info/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=332 I haven't listed it at JKhub because I really want to get a good JA version before posting the map here. I'ts coming along great and will be an improvement over the JK2 counterpart but I keep getting side tracked on other projects. I've actually got 3 ctf maps and a ffa / Thermal Golf map I am working on currently with a map pack in consideration collaborating with a few other JK2 modders and beta testers. One ctf map I am making I am trying to stream most of it online and I made a new youtube channel I plan on adding some tutorials etc once I get a microphone. The Wormm Store: (I am known as Igottwormms everywhere except JK2 and 3 where the name I used originated.. I've had a corporation in EvE online called the Wormm Store Since 2008 i think with office rent paid in full ever since for 2 offices. (they cost 10k a month. The corp has 20 mill in it's wallet and that is the only expendiature wether I play the game or not.) Link to live Feed: Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCih-zvTcu22H6pvXvm3nELQ It's a new channel and only the videos of the ctf map are there done via streaming. They are also not named very well or edited, The longer videos have a few long breaks of inactivity so make sure you skip a little here and there. I need to get back to editing The Temple of Mechanism for JA. I'm working on doing some ground work stuff for a map pack then I will get back to it soon. Anyone in JA who has a server with grapple should rally have a lot of fun in this map
  10. I've been testing a Jedi Academy Conversion for the Temple of Mechanism today. A direct copy in JA with spawnflags fixed, my only gripe was the lighting. The map for Jedi Outcast has a _lightmap scale of 7 for the worldspawn. I reduced the scale to 4 and the lighting is much better for Jedi Academy. There are a few spots that will need adjusting but that scale has saved me a bunch of work My goal is for it to look as good in Jedi Academy as it does in Jedi Outcast. I do have to say it is a great looking map in JO. One person commented during a recent beta test "is this a JK3 map?" It's always good to get a compliment like that lol For Jedi Outcast, I went right up to the entity limit for our first beta test. Our last test was much better which allowed for 16-18 players to connect. I had to go through the map and reduce the amount of entities and without compromising much, I've removed around 32 more entities in the map after the test. From what I have learned, each player is 2 entities I think? player / saber For Jedi Academy, I hope to bring much of that back to the map and possibly add a bit more. I am hoping the map will be even better for JA to complete it more how I wanted it to be complete with surface sounds etc. I will still like playing the JO version better of course, but I am hoping u JA guys will like this map as much as I do for JO.
  11. Ty Langerd. This is a different thread than the Temple of Mechanism Always appreciated though.
  12. I haven't completely forgotten about this map. I am thinking I may at least make a map for the main area to be a playable map like a sort of Bespin_traps v2. Small ffa or medium duel map until i feel like putting much effort into finishing what I started. Work on The Temple of Mechanism is almost complete so getting some work done on this map could be a possibility in the near future.
  13. Started and done now. I was there about 40 min early. There was enough to be done to warrant another edit. We did test and there could be around 16 bots and players in the map due to entity limitations for JK2. I may look into shaving a few more entites away to increase the amount of people whi can connect. There is some work being done on a particular server for a server side mod to separate logical and physical entities. It would help a lot with the entity limits. I do know a few things I can adjust to reduce the amount of entities in the map just a little more. So one more edit. ctf map needs some work. It's not designed for ctf and I didn't put much time into it except for clips and weapons etc intended for use in ctf. I think it has potential and I like the idea but that area may need a little redesign to accomodate ctf. I may release the ctf separate as an add on pack or something. Mech temple is basically ready after the next edit. I am not sure how long ctf might take to polish or redesign or something. Or maybe I will make an entirely new golf course using the same idea but work ctf into the layout much better. I will leave the link available above. do note it's not final and there will be something else available in the future.
  14. Beta / Final release Link for the test today. Thanks for all those who participated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw0wzU8JHlPkOXJHWll6MG1xU00/view?usp=sharing Some bugs were found. So this is not a final version.
  15. Attention: JK2 Temple of Mechanism beta test Saturday November 28th at 8pm CET / 2pm EST Last Beta test for the temple of Mechanism before final release. Also testing ctf_mechgolf.bsp and mechgolf.bsp suggested by those in last weeks beta test event. Come by and join in the fun if u dare. Server name will reflect the map name. I hope to also release a JK3 version after the beta test tomorrow. As long as there aren't any major problems with the map, this beta may in fact be the final release.
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