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    This is a climbing map that works both in jk2 and jka. It may be more enjoyable to play in jka though because there are more paths to use. It has df triggers for timers.
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    sup acrocanthosauruss
  3. I am working on jumpxtreme4 right now. It should be finished at october 2013 but could get delayed by a few months. I will publish it here in jkhub when its finished.

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      Lol, i completely forgot about this post. Jumpxtreme4 is finished, but i only managed to add a few rooms before the map maxed out. So i dont know if it's worth publishing it at all. As of today i dont have any plans of publishing it but who knows in the future.

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    The first thing to understand is that this is a originally a jk2 map, meaning that you have to put the pk3 file in your jk2 base folder. Jumpxtreme3 is a jedi challenge map with four difficulities: beginner, easy, hard and extreme. There are secrets along with an outside area that functions as a fifth challenge area and area to explore. There is a control room and a council room as well. Here is a list of what the letters in the map mean: B=Beginner E=Easy H=Hard A=Arc jump room X=Xtreme D=Duelroom Note also that some of the map's rooms are so called ''trick rooms'' in which the goal isn't only about jumping across. The very first jump room in jumpxtreme3 with the green dirty water is an example of a trick room. Beta testing has been done by Acrobat and Vrael. In conclusion, every jump is possible. However, the X part is for advanced jumpers only.
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