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  1. Hey there, so I have been trying to get DC-17 Hand Blaster for Movie Battles and I think I am getting pretty close with this. I am unable to create texture for this specific model it has so many parts on UV view I have no idea what to do about this because I couldn't merge all parts as I was advised to do. I started using Blender only recently what you see before you is changed Commando Pistol from Movie Battles 2 you can see how the original model looked like here. 1. Can you please tell me what do I have to do here before I can create good UV map for this model? 2. How do guns work in JKA can I get rid of detailed internal parts to make this model eat up less performance? Here is the model: https://ufile.io/brxo6 Here is the quick look at UV maps: First picture, Second picture Please help me out JKHub you are my only hope -)
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fchC0Dscm9I
  3. I am recently playing with animations. It seems like there aren't many people doing it. I have been using Softimage Tool 7.5 following tutorial from 2003 by Alex Ball with minilogoguy18's rig. Everytime I run the program it informs me there is an update but isn't Mod Tool like discontinued. Is it safe to update? Would you mind telling me more about editing/removing keyframes. I seem to have a problem to redo one of the frames that I find not good enough. Also some slider stamps marking there is a frame became invisible - can still normally play my animation. I would like to understand how that works. Is it possible some of the rig bones are hidden because my rig differs from one in the video and there is 'hidden' tab in explorer - not sure I understand how to enable these elements. Special question, it's a mystery to me... Are JKA animations and animations used in Movie Battles 2 different, can they be imported from one to the other?
  4. Training remotes from Jedi Academy. For destroying resources to let you keep going. Sort of challenge? Water would be pushing you towards the pit you would have to resist the flow and keep fighting enemies.
  5. There should be a file for it but I am unable to find it. It's not in zzMBModels.pk3. Some models might not have any since they all share default positions for holstered weapons. So maybe somebody knows a model from base game that would have custom holster positions I could borrow for Adi Gallia. I would like to move her lightsaber to back belt and place it horizontally. I just need to find the file to start working.
  6. I have restricted access to the Official. Besides, I think Movie Battles Developers are actually frequent visitors of this board (some of them at least.) What if after seeing this somebody comes from his 'retirement' to bring this amazing idea to life or correct what's been said. Anything is highly appreciated.
  7. @Animating and coding folks, @@MovieBattles II Team, @Anyone it may concern! I am making yet another request on mechanic which I believe to be crucial in keeping the playerbase strong and active. New mechanics are something we haven't had in a while (I haven't had in what I am playing so pardon me, if I am wrong here.) Going on... Balancing and the mechanics: ▪ Staff would move horizontally, not vertically like the usual Movie Battles saber throw, ▪ Would continue draining the force unless it is called back or user runs out of the force, ▪ Range is limited by how much force points you have, ▪ It would always fly at certain minimal height /or higher so people can counter it by crouching and then firing a volley at you, ▪ I am unsure if the flight speed should be slow enough to allow dash users to get saved at point blank range. I am not certain if it is actual engine limitation, probably not - just some missing code? What I learned from some in game conversations is that the staff throw was never considered because it wasn't in the base game so Movie Battles Team never bothered with that. Any opinions, ideas it seems like not that much work compared to my other idea here: https://jkhub.org/topic/9547-shield-animation-for-jk-and-mb2/?view=findpost&p=136740 There is a lot of value in adding a saber throw for staff it would be a brand new way to play it would be as great as introduction of entire new class. New way to play equals more content we definitely want more quality, ability based mechanics. Help me push it to happen, please.
  8. You are my only hope... Sand Trooper Commander from Star Wars Rebels Season 4 would make fine addition to MB's Commander class for example.
  9. Please no! Kylo Ren's hilt is already so weird.
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