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  1. Hi! So, the good news is that this is an easy one, I just tested it. Open your .pk3, dig through models/players to your skin folder. Pop this file in there and then save the .pk3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jl2cpb57c0j67gb/sounds.cfg?dl=0 Basically, all skins should have a sounds.cfg file. This determines whether the character is male or female and what sound folder to pull the noises they make from. The file I've attached is the sounds.cfg for the female Jaden. I tested it just now with a male Jaden skin and all in-game dialogue was with the female voice actress.
  2. For whatever reason, the objectives won't display correctly when the mod is loaded through the in-game menu, which is why I included the .bat. The same can be achieved by creating a shortcut to JASP.exe" and adding +set fs_game newbeginning to the end of the Target in the properties menu. Strictly speaking, if you just put th e.pk3 in the base folder, you could load the game normally and shouldn't have an issue playing the mod that way either.
  3. Thanks for sharing! Did you load the mod through the in-game menu, or with the included .bat file? And are you using OpenJK or something similar?
  4. I decided that Jan needed to come back in the next level. 👀A0NA6YH.jpg

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    2. MagSul


      I was able to repurpose the map_objects from the base game for this. 😄

    3. Ramikad


      "Jan! What a pleasant surprise!"

    4. Linken


      Somehow Jan returned

  5. Can you show me a picture of the entity menu for the func_door and trigger_multiple that opens it separately? The way you worded your reply suggests that the trigger_multiple is the door, which would be incorrect.
  6. The rocket trooper is "RocketTrooper2Officer" The info for this NPC is stored in the rockettrooper2.npc file in Assets1.pk3. To use in a map, use an NPC_Spawner and set the NPC_Type to "RocketTrooper2Officer" OR Tick the 'officer' box for the NPC_RocketTrooper entity. You can point a trigger to more than one thing, yes. Here, I have two light entitys with the same targetname. The trigger_multiple entity has a target that matches the light entities shared targetname. So, when I push the trigger, both light entities come on, as highlighted in this video by being different colours. I'm not sure what you mean by the door thing! You'll have to demonstrate it.
  7. The terrain looks like it'll be greatly immersive!
  8. Thank you, participants and voters! Thank you for putting together the contest, @Circa.
  9. I started putting together a third bonus level this morning!
  10. I very nearly did recreate a scene from that as a playable level, but thought for a contest it'd be better to be original.
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