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    One puzzle in particular was really hard just to find anything to interact with, so it was hard to progress at that point. (I had to look it up.) Other than that, amazing scenery and set! I loved the little story it gave and the cutscenes were great. I liked the ending a lot too. Satisfying to fight jedi and play as a villian for once. Very well done! Worth a play!
  1. Hello! I am extremely new to making custom singleplayer maps in GTKRadiant for Jedi Academy. So excuse me if this is really easy, but I can't seem to find anything online about how you would do this. Basically, I am messing around creating a test singleplayer map and I want to automatically run a few cheat codes (or do the equivalent) right when the map loads up and is ready to play. Here is what I want: setforceall 1 playermodel stormtrooper playerteam enemy So the player starts out as a stormtrooper, with a few force powers (instead of the default none) and on the enemy's team. Does anyone know how I would do that? (Or edit these stats for the map in GTKRadiant?) Thanks!
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