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  1. With Katana and VibroBlade, which cutting power is better?

    1. McGroose


      A vibroblade uses some type of emitter that amplifies the strike of the blade, IIRC.

      So I'm guessing the vibroblade, but a canon vibroblade is basically a knife, not a short sword like in KOTOR. 

      A Vibrosword would absolutely destroy a Katana.

    2. syainkn


      Katana can be destoryed by a longsword, too.

      It is essentially for cutting power so that its durabiltiy is weak.

      Katana can cut a pig's leg by one slash but longsword can't.

      VibroBlade uses vibration by utilizing a generator to enhance cutting power. So it cuts meatbags very well.

      But Katana can do it, too. Therefore, I want to compare VibroBlade with Katana.

    3. z3filus


      What if the Katana was made of beskar? ?

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