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  1. What about posting some references of the Kyle head (front, side and other views), this would be really helpful to judge the effort.
  2. Well Iam not sure about any more characters, but if I would do more I would make Kyle Katarn or Gamorrean.
  3. Don't worry it is not cancelled, just delayed. I got to many commercial project's going. But there will be updates.
  4. I use Softimage, but as @@minilogoguy18 said he would help to get it into the game.
  5. @@Psyk0Sith thank you very much that helps a lot @@minilogoguy18 Helping me with the rigging would be awesome, yeah I would like to do other modeling task maybe another DF2 character so help getting it into the game would be very much appreciated
  6. Yes the pose will be adjusted later on. For sculpting the original root pose is very ugly. But I have a question do all the polycount limits still apply ? I remember also separate limbs, that would be necessary information for the low poly.
  7. Thanks but its still in the early phase, here a little update.
  8. Hi, I had some time on my hand so I started a recreation of Boc, still alot todo but its a start:) http://www.seb-crea.de/boc_v1.jpg
  9. @@Archangel35757 no I used Ultimate Unwrap to export from fbx the md3. I didn't know that there was an MD3 exporter for Softimage. @@Psyk0Sith yes its going with the usual ups and downs
  10. @@Psyk0Sith Yes I remember you very well from the old Jedi Outcast and Academy days, let me tell you are one of the best from back then. I hope you are doing very well.
  11. @ yes I did some modding for Jedi Outcast and Academy in 2003 (a mod based on Attack of the Clones), currently I work as a freelance 3D Artist mainly for characters.
  12. The texture was originally made with Substance Painter so yes I could provide a PBR version. The light beams are old school simple textures with transparency.
  13. Yes the blaster is done me, texture was made in Substance Painter. The rest is original content from Jedi Outcast. Higher res version I reduced it later on for md3 support.
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