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    I really enjoy the mods made for the Jedi Knight series and finally have a computer that can handle them. #KyleKatarnFTW
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    Windows 10 (GOG)

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  1. Is there anyway to use this while KotF is installed without making something explode?
  2. So with the command SET_PLAYERMODEL one can swap out the cast of the JK:A SP campaign to replace enemy types and friendly NPCs with the cast of KotF?
  3. It is not currently set to read only. How/where do I write protection on the file?
  4. Would an "NPC swapper" of sorts be a plausible and or desireable feature to be implemented sometime in the future of KotF?
  5. Would an NPC editor be able to swap characters? For example swapping the stormtroopers for droids or Kyle for Obi-Wan? I'm confused if this thread is talking about the the spawner that has made it's way into the mod or talking hypothetically about something that has yet to be seen, as I think an NPC swapper would be LEGENDARY. EDIT: Fun fact: Legend does not contain an "a."
  6. Now I have a new issue--My settings do not save. I've changed my video, graphics and controls each time I've booted up the game and it works fine, but once I close the program and start it again it doesn't remember any of the changes I made.
  7. I really want to replace Luke in Outcast with his TLJ self...

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    2. the_raven


      Oh right, right, got confused there. Sorry. I think there were a few of those mods on the hub.

    3. IndyWOaJacket


      I found a really cool one for Academy, but isn't like super complicated to port a skin to Outcast?

    4. the_raven


      It depends, but I think it should be. In fact, if the folder structure is the same, it should work pretty much out-of-the-box. Still, if you're not sure, just copy the JA folder structure and past the JO files, make some edits if necessary.

  8. Cool idea--though I'd assume a mod of this nature would conflict heavily with Knights of the Force, right?
  9. The game now works, but the colors are very very dark, the menu is alright, but the game is basically pitch black. I turned the the gamma settings within setup to maximum but it didn't change anything. I also went to the notebook and changed the r_gamma, and it did not have an effect either. The spinny jedi knight symbol is also still in the wrong place. EDIT: Was able to fix brightness settings, but now for some reason the game doesn't want to recognize the x-axis of the right analog stick on my gamepad. EDIT 2: Fixed the gamepad issue by purchasing Xpadder. Thank you guys so much for your help! Now to let the modding begin!
  10. Any chance this could get an Outcast port in some capacity?
  11. What is the mod the replaces the crosshairs and weapons as seen in the screenshots?
  12. I updated the driver and the game no longer screws up the colors when it crashes. Now I can boot up to the point of having the jedi symbol spinning in the wrong place and the text appearing, but my desktop mouse appears in the middle of the screen and sort of vibrates as I move the in-game mouse. When I click to interact, the game still crashes.
  13. I really would like to get JK Outcast working on my Windows 10. I don't know what the issue is :'(

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    2. UniqueOne


      You problem is windows 10 itself. Upgrade to windows 7 :)


    3. minilogoguy18


      Many other people are using 10 without issue. Sounds like a hardware issue based on his thread. He's playing on a Mac.

    4. IndyWOaJacket


      Huzzah! The issue is resolved!

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