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  1. I tried looking up what I'm about to write here, but I didn't find it anywhere and so I assumed I am the first to think of this. Ever thought "Man, I wish JKA had higher resolution shadows" when you create a map? Lightmaps always leave a blocky shadow, especially if you make them thin. But how do you achieve very thin lines? Better said, how do we create shadows, as if a bordered window casts them? This is where I came from: And this is what we will create: It's actually pretty easy to get such shadows, if you get the know how, what I'm about to give you! You probably know about decals. Polygons that stick to a surface as a sticker. We are going to create a fake lightmap in Photoshop, based on a texture that we want to simulate light from as shown in the picture below: The Texture Now onto shadering Save your file as a JPG (NOT PNG as it will leave some fractals) The shader itself can just be copied from the original JKA Decal shaders. They are actually all similar. Optionally you can animate the shader with multiple jpegs, for when there's a storm outside for example. But we will keep things simple. My shader: textures/*yourmap*/*yourshadowtexture* { surfaceparm trans polygonOffset q3map_nolightmap q3map_novertexshadows surfaceparm nomarks //this will stop the game from rendering shadows and burnmarks on the decal// nopicmip { map textures/*yourmap*/*yourshadowtexture* blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO alphaGen const 0.7 //This is an optional line of code, that will make the texture more opague// } }GTK Radiant To place the shadow in game, open up the systems shaders, create a "nodraw" brush on the place where you want the shadows to cast. Make it so one of the sides of the brush z-buffers with the brush you want the shadow on. Now select the top polygon (Ctrl + Shift + Left Mouse) and apply the texture. Open up the Surface Inspector, and click "Fit". If it doesn't fit the way you want, rescale the brush, and select "Fit" again. Continue fitting, and once you are happy, compile you map! Don't forget to set sv_pure to 0 if you are working without compiling to Pk3! Start the game, open up your map and... You will have a high resolution shadow! Continue tweaking the Lights so it gives a realistic effect, and you are happy about the result! One downside on this: low end computer who are forced to use Global Lighting, will see the shadows as decal and not as actual shadow. But think about it, we live in 2014. There aren't many computers who need to have global lighting enabled all the time Protip: The same technique can also be used on static models like small trees, X-wings etc. Just as long as you can get a screenshot from the right angle. Then you can just use the picture above as reference, and give the shadow a small Gaussian blur instead of a tilt shift blur. I hope this small tutorial helped you create awesome content!
  2. http://www.twitch.tv/effofficial We're having a event people! feel free to watch! :)
  3. Is anyone willing to test JKA SDK software/GTK Radiant on Windows 10? It would be a shame to upgrade to a new windows and discover that software doesn't work.

  4. Imo one of the best skins I've ever seen! There is a problem in the .skin files though! It links to a head_face model that isn't there on the model. When opening the model in modview the rest of the textures don't load because of that
  5. Why a remake? Star Wars is one of the most flexible franchises ever. Combined with the Wookieepedia it's easy to write new stories using other ones as fundament. Take the saber gameplay of JKA, add some level of realism (but in a way the classic gameplay is kept) to the animations. Take the weapon play from Battlefield (Battlefront?) and crush that in an more open world RPG setting. Instead of placing the player in a role where he's the hero of the game, give the opportunity to do whatever he/she wants. Becoming Jedi/Sith is a long road, you'll learn how to use your lightsaber (in a way you can also fight in multiplayer), but you start lightsaber training when your character is mentally ready. Jedis are lead by Luke and Kyle, both old farts. Sith are leading themselves as worshippers of the dark side, in extreme secrecy. Become a smuggler, and explore the most famous traderoutes like the Kessel Run. The underlying story? Things are happening all over the galaxy. Remnants of the empire are scattered all across the galaxy, people still join the ranks of the Stormtroopers because it's good money. The alliance tries to stop that and spreads the stories about Darth Vader and Sidious, the remnant counteracts that with propaganda. A constant battle in which you battle stormtroopers, rebels, and the further your character progresses Jedi or Sith. Combine that with mod support for races, planets, ships, weapons and there ya go.
  6. Someone make this: http://9gag.com/gag/aXpmmr2 And add this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT3f5jvBS8s and release that as mod, or I'll do it myself :P

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      Do it yourself if no one else will, THAT IS BADASS :D


    2. Smoo
  7. May the 4th be with you boys! Happy Star Wars day! :P

  8. I'm going to bump this topic :3 Any more work on this? It looks completely sick!
  9. Let me be the one to share this:

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      I liked it, but we'll see...

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      J.J. Abrams is good with trailers. Not so much with authentic storytelling...


      But I too have the feeling that it will be better than the prequel movies. :winkthumb:


      Looking forward to it.

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      Just the trailer is already better than all three prequel movies combined xD

  10. Try compatibility modes. I had this issue in the past, and I think it has something to do with older video cards. I remember disabling aero mode in Windows and it worked like a charm. But try running as administrator, and as windows xp/98 first.
  11. No need, GLM exporting can't be done with md3view I mean, it works with lightsabers and weapon models alright, but animated models not so much I don't know how you feel about it, but if you'd send me the model I can give you an animated glm and gla, with a script Individual tentacles can have different animations, like normal waving around, some twisting and turning, some slapping around etc. your call
  12. Same problem I ran into Langerd Misc_model_breakable is an SP only entity. Try the rancor level on multiplayer mode for example. The switches that make the windows open are those entities. In SP that entity is usable too. In MP it simply doesn't appear, so most buttons in that map don't function there. You haven't told us what game you're modding for by the way, is it singleplayer or multiplayer? If it's singleplayer, go for misc_model_breakable. If multiplayer, try the technique i wrote in my own thread I don't want to push people in using my ways or somethin, but I also tried several things and found that my technique was the only one that worked. I don't work with blender, but with 3Ds max. However I've read that Blender is capable of exporting glm's and gla's, instead of using the Carcass compiler. Considering what a sarlac looks like from above ground, it's pretty easy to create animations for it aswell. You could also add a death trigger close to it's mouth, and activate a script that would make it squeal and bite whenever a player gets too close to it Honestly, animating and rigging a sarlac is pretty much the easiest thing there is
  13. In BehaveED, set_solid > Solid/nonsolid Such an NPC would trigger a script anyway, when you tell him to loop an animation.
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