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  1. If you're looking for a ja+ server located in Europe, visit: After some changes, the server isn't tied with any clan anymore, altho you might meet players with various tags from serverless groups. The server is for community which means anyone can suggest to play an event or a custom map, the management is open for propositions. Of course there are rules, but they can be shortened to a simple term - common sense. Server name: Free{SoF}! IP: For more: https://sofjka.enjin.com/Especially: Server Discussion
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  3. Hi, I have an identical problem, as it was said here: https://jkhub.org/topic/9325-jamme-capture-pipe-function/ but that solution doesn't work for me. I tried the other version and there's still the same problem ''0 bytes writen''. Here's my log: Any ideas?
  4. The new version is called z_t3_stamp.pk3. fs_dirbeforepak doesn't seem to matter for the local one, as the map works fine with both, 0 and 1 (while the real server loads the default, unmodified map with any value).
  5. Recently, I have modified a bsp map that I want to use within my ja++ server, however when I try to load a map, the server loads a defult one from asset. I've tried to run it with a local server and curiously, it works perfectly fine. So any clues what might cause this problem? I found a simillar topic, fortunetely for him, he mange to find a resolution, however he was not so nice to share it.
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