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  1. Thanks for ruining my day
  2. Isnt this crosshair from JK2 ctf players, I have basically the same one just with blac colour in my base folder good job anyways
  3. How about we do a SP and MP mod I think it would be great but a bit harder than just making a single mode, anyways, I am mostly on for SP.
  4. My friend asked me If I can write this topic instead of him. So here is the thing, he installed his Radiant and started it, then he got some weird glitches and his Radiant instantly freezes. Like this: http://i.imgur.com/73fs6Kj.jpg http://i.imgur.com/1ZqdPUz.jpg
  5. @zeƒilus I'm not using any shader it was just a small texture, oh and yea I was probably using a wrong resolution then. I will try it out with 512x512 and others. If theres any other issues I will notify u back. OK I HAVE DONE IT CORRECT IT APPEARS THAT THE PROBLEM WAS TEXTURES RESOLUTION, THANKS GUYS.
  6. Hello, I was making some custom textures today, and everything worked well on Radiant and everything... but when I made a .PK3 file and tested it in-game, my custom texture was or invisible or broken. I did everything right textures/yu_tex/main.jpg Can somebody help please I really need to have these custom textures. Thanks!
  7. Yea that would be great, If I havent threw everything, I was just pissed of on my PC, I'll try to make eboc20 again.
  8. I'd say that the final part I've done is now deleted from my PC. I have a lot of things to do IRL soo I'm not able to do any serious mapping now, I've got school we're having final exams atm, and my latest PC on which I had final stage map is dead, I got new. I will let you know @@DT85 when I start making that final level again!
  9. Im gonna start streaming now, (mapping some new stuff) http://www.twitch.tv/wounder_ql

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      sorry, im just curious :P

    4. Lord Spook

      Lord Spook

      I am live in 2 mins. twitch.tv/wounder_ql

  10. Hmm I see, sorry for that then, my friend told me about some old JKA editing software O-o. I will try it in jaMME.
  11. Yea I used jaMME, but it's mostly used for ctf, lugormod fragmovies, few days ago I asked my friend how did they do that rolling with cameras and other stuff to go around the model, he said that people are using some some scripts in .cfg file something like cg_thirdpersonhorzoffset and others... he said that its really hard to find those nowadays.
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