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  1. In other words, the load order doesn’t override the previously loaded items, they would just be skipped. A bit different than other games like Skyrim and KOTOR.


    Only other thing I can think of causing issues is other pk3s in the OpenJK folder rather than the base folder. Either in Gamedata/Openjk or Documents/My Games/Openjk.

  2. 6 hours ago, AshuraDX said:

    You seem to have glanced over the LODS I mentioned.


    LODS are lower detail Versions of a model, packaged into the model. If a model has LODs, you can view them in Modview by using the F1 to F4 keys on your keyboard.

    How can they help?

    The Transform Space error occurs on collision against a model. If the model it is performing the collision check against is very heavy in geometry, the available memory does not suffice for the required calculations, resulting in the aforementioned error message.

    Luckily for us, the devs where rather smart about it and made it so that the game tries to use a lower LOD mesh for collision detection if one is available.

    This means that if your additional LODs are low enough, the game will not crash and continue running just fine.

    LODS are only shown to the player if:

    1. Low graphics settings are used
    2. The model is so far away from the player that he generally wouldn't notice in normal gameplay

    You could import a vanilal jka model into blender to see how the LODs are set up. Usually it should jsut be copies of every mesh with a _<number> at the end of their names.

    Do you have any further questions?

    This should be in the tutorial section, that's a good summary that I'm sure would be useful for new people.

  3. In simpler terms, you have to edit the source code to raise such limits. OpenJK and its various forks already raise them a decent amount.

    Also like you said, there are a lot of Boba models out there that look really good already. Verts and polys will only get you so far before you need to also have a modern renderer to make it look worth using. There's a reason modelers still optimize their high res models to work in JKA properly. They still look great, just not as great as they would in a modern game with a modern engine and renderer like Battlefront II.

    It's best to aim for OpenJK's limits at the most. You could also look into making it compatible with rend2, which is an experimental modern renderer that can be used with OpenJK.

  4. 7 hours ago, carter8383 said:

    Ooooh, yeah the Readme just lists everything to GameData, so that's what I'd been doing. Don't know how I stumbled into the right way the first time lol.

    I just tried it though, and it's still acting the same.  The .dll and the .pk3s I want to use all go into base, not the folder itself right? I've tried both now on a clean install again to be sure, and it's still just a white screen with no response. And now I'm getting that same error code, minus the extra .pk3s when launching vanilla SP through steam.

    Nothing should go in base unless you plan on playing the base game. If you're only going to be playin JAEnhanced, your other pk3s can go in the jaenhanced folder, although it does load pk3s from both, it does not load DLLs from both.

    The folder structure in the ZIP file is how it should be in your GameData alongside the base folder. The readme says to drop everything in GameData and that should be all you need to do.



    Not sure what else to tell you, other than make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Maybe try launching the .exe as administrator.

    You should try going to Documents/My Games/jaenhanced and deleting the files in there as well, its possible you had a weird graphics setting causing it.

  5. Interesting. That error is usually for progressive textures, which can only be run in openjk/JAEnhanced so it makes sense you get that error when running it via base JKA through the menu. Using that menu doesn’t change the executable that is used.

    Did you make sure to have all of the .dll files in the right areas? Whatever it was in the zip folder is where they should be in the gamedata folder. 

    jaenhancedgamex86.dll should be in the jaenhanced folder. 
    All other DLLs should be in gamedata. 

  6. 14 hours ago, quakefreed said:


    Who wrote this post? I see it in my reply form but it's not in the thread?


    Thanks Circa for the advice. I'm going to have to sit down and do the tutorial. Seems there's no way around this but scripting. 

    The forum will save a reply text for you automatically if you leave the page and then try to reply again even if it’s a different thread.

    Looks like that reply is from this thread:


  7. Just an FYI, I created a rend2 tutorial section and moved a couple threads to it as per SomaZ.

    Tagging the Rend2 Acolytes that sing its praises regularly, that I can think of. @DT85 @minilogoguy18 @SomaZ @mjt @Stoiss @Mandalorian @AshuraDX

    More tutorials for it would be appreciated, if anyone is up for that. I know SomaZ is working on some, in case others wanted to as well.


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  8. 3 hours ago, Mike Oldfield said:

    The sv_master1 line is probably useless in a pseudo-LAN server. For the serverjoin, we've tried with both of us connecting to my address, and each one having a different file, and it didn't make a difference.

    The master server line is important if you're using the server browser to find servers. If your friend is just waiting for your server to show up on that list, they'd need to be using OpenJK or EternalJK to be able to see them on that master.

    You could just skip the server list completely and just tell them to use the console and type /connect (for example - and if you have a password do /password password)

    Or you could tell them to add the IP as a favorite in the server list and change the filter to Favorites.

  9. 2 hours ago, NumberWan said:

    This reminds me of one map, I've been looking for for ages now. It was a Naboo courtyard, perhaps a MP map for dueling. There were two areas, where the players start with archways of some sort. The map was quite detailed even though it used Radiant brushes only. It had new skybox, if I remember correct. But all textures were certainly a creation of the author himself – brick walls, roof, floor and plants.

    I once saw it on jk3files, I believe, but never ever since. I still have some textures from that map somewhere around, but unfortunately that's all.


    Not this one?

    https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Maps/Free For All/94111/


  10. We've had a couple trailers now of this series. If you aren't aware, this is about the character from Rogue One, Cassian Andor and the very early days of the Rebellion Alliance forming. From the looks of the trailers, the cast is pretty big with new and old characters, so its not just all about Cassian, which I think is good. Mon Mothma and Saw Garrera are back and looks like a ton of new characters, locations, and vehicles.

    First three episodes air on September 21st!


    I'm amped for this series. It looks like a spy thriller sort of show, which I'm all in for. I loved Cassian and Rogue One, so I think this has potential to be excellent. It looks like even in a familiar era that still seems to be overdone these days, this looks very unique and gritty and a breath of fresh air in terms of new locations and characters. Can't wait!

  11. Hey folks, a new contest has been long overdue, I know. I meant to start this one up shortly after the last one but too many things took my attention away. I have way too many hobbies to keep up with. 😅 No summer themed contest this year, but that could be up to you depending on your submission.

    Everyone likes mod contests but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up and try something different. We have a decent number of in-game photographers, digital artists, and lots of creative people that could make this one really cool.

    Essentially this is a contest for who can make the best Jedi Knight-related poster/banner for JKHub. I’ve been wanting something really nice and flashy looking to use for the front page and for social media accounts, and I made one really quick back when we launched the new theme. I can probably spend a lot more time on making a better one, but I figured it would be much better to involve the community.

    This isn’t just to win and get the award badge on your profile. This will be the new banner on the front page of JKHub in place of the existing one and will be used on social media.

    So what qualifies as a banner?

    • An image in PNG or PSD format.
    • Dimensions at minimum 3200px X 2000px with 72ppi (more is okay).
    • Aspect ratio of 16:10.
    • If you include text, you must also include a textless version.
    • If you include a signature, make it unobtrusive but still legible.
    • Must be related to the Jedi Knight series (particularly Outcast & Academy), including characters, locations, weapons, items, etc.
    • Multiple entries are allowed.
    • Additional orientations are allowed, but a horizontal 16:10 is required.
    • Upload in a ZIP file to ensure no unnecessary compression is added anywhere.
    • No pornographic or ultra violent subjects or content allowed.
    • Huge bonus points if you make a version for each major season of the year or holidays.
    • The deadline to submit is September 24th, 2022. After which we will sort through all submissions over the following days and announce the winner then.

    By submitting to this contest, you are fully aware that your art will be used by us, for JKHub. Full credit to you will be given when and where possible.

    We also reserve the position to not choose any submissions, or to choose multiple. If none are chosen, you still get an award badge and be featured on the contests page. All submissions will be displayed on a page when the contest concludes.

    Need inspiration?

    Here’s an album full of the kinds of things I’m looking for. Something like a movie poster or something very cinematic-looking. You can take screenshots in-game, post them in ModView, digital paint, Blender, literally anything.

    Poster examples and inspirations

    How to submit?

    You can submit like a normal contest: in the Files section in the Contest Entries category. You can use the button below. You must submit the PNG or PSD file in a ZIP compressed folder file. Include all versions of your work in one zip file. If you are submitting multiple works, please submit them separately. 

    Submit to Banner Artwork Contest

    Comment below with any questions or want to give some people ideas!


    View full article

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  12. You can just use commands for this, but if its a skin with a lot of different versions you may need to open up the PK3 file to see what each .skin file is named.

    Here's a tutorial on the commands:

    The other way is to modify the mod itself so the skin shows up in the menu. You can learn how to do that with this tutorial:


  13.  spacer.png

    Well it's been forever, but we finally have an update for y'all. Work on 1.1 started over a year ago. The focus was bug fixes and a handful of new features on the code side by @redsaurus and adding some bundled mods on my end, as well as testing. Life gets busy, but we finally made it to v1.1.

    You can look at the changelog below, but essentially I think this mod is finally in a place where I can recommend it to new players wanting the best experience or old players and modders to take advantage of some of the new feature set.

    Do keep in mind this is still a huge work in progress, and there are bugs, glitches, and unfinished features. Remember to give feedback knowing that fact and knowing that your bug or request may not get fixed or implemented any time soon.

    Non-exhaustive changelog for v1.1 (many may have slipped our minds or bug fixes fixed much earlier that weren't mentioned)

    Changes in v1.1
    (old saves not compatible with this version!)
    - Added eezstreet's AI workshop
    - Added g_UseIdleAnims to disable/enable idle animations
    - Removed black bars from cutscenes so scenes aren't half obstructed on widescreen resolutions
    - Added g_noIgniteTwirl to disable the twirl animation on ignition (like MP)
    - Added cg_ignitionspeed ton control how fast or slow the saber blade ignites
    - added a COMPLETE button to the saber builder UI to close it
    - r_mode -2 is now default at launch to be fullscreen at native resolution (set to -1 to go back to windowed mode)
    - Added cheat menu in the in-game pause menu
    - Added in-game character and saber edit menu in the in-game pause menu
    - Added in-game photo mode menu. The binding currently doesn't work from the CONTROLS menu, it needs to be added manually in the console: bind [key] uimenu camsp
    - Toggle between pistols when you have the Bryar and DL-44 with the weapon2 button
    - Replaced the old E-5 blaster with KhorneSyrup's new version
    - Removed Force Blinding bind in the menu since it is not ready for use
    - replaced DL-44 with AshuraDX's HD DL-44
    - Added Kahn's UltimateWeapons mod as an optional PK3 with some revisions (removed saber effects, replaced some explosions with the smaller efx)
    - Added Plasma's saber pack as an optional PK3 with removal of a lot of duplicates to make the list easier to navigate
    - Added *holsterorigin tags to vanilla sabers and many of Plasma's sabers to work better with holstering
    - Added HapSlash's stormtrooper model to replace the vanilla model
    - Added Toshi's Luke to replace the vanilla model
    - Added r_ratioFix for full native widescreen support for the HUD and menus
    - Added new splash screen and menu logo

    I also spent some time getting a nice trailer video made so people are more drawn to the mod and are aware all it has to offer.

    The grand vision of this mod was supposed to be a "remaster & expansion" of sorts, which included modern textures, models, sounds, effects, and new missions and characters. That vision is on hold for now until more people can help out with implementing it. We want it to be more than just including a PK3 of an existing mod, we want to make sure the experience is as streamlined as possible.

    For more improvement mods like HD textures, fonts, models, etc. please see JKHub's big list of recommended mods.


    It's based on OpenJK (so the code is released under the GPL and available at [https://github.com/JKEnhanced/OpenJK/]) and a slightly modified version (for SP) of AJL's SFX Saber code. It also uses Open Jedi Project code for TrueView.


    Main coding done by @redsaurus

    Features and Commands

    • All OpenJK features and fixes.
    • RGB Sabers • These can be set in the menus or by setting the sabercolor to a hex code in the console - for example "sabercolor 1 xff0000" will set the first lightsaber blade to be red. It is possible to set the sabercolors of NPCs by setting their sabercolor to a hex code in the .npc file. If you want to set one sabercolor for base and one for this mod, you can set the sabercolor of the NPC or lightsaber to the base value, and sabercolorRGB to the RGB value for this mod. Higher blade numbers are set with saberColorRGB2, saber2ColorRGB3, etc.
    • SFX Sabers • SFX Sabers can be enabled in the console by setting cg_SFXSabers to 1. This is on by default, allows for more vibrant and high quality saber blades.
    • Ignition Flare • A lightsaber ignition flare can be enabled in the console by setting cg_ignitionFlare to 1. A custom ignition flare can be specified for a lightsaber with "ignitionFlare <shader>" in the .sab file.
    • Ignition twirl animation disable • If that little twirl of the saber that you do in SP when activating it bothered you, you can now disable it to be more like MP with g_noIgniteTwirl 1.
    • Disable idle animations • Use the command g_UseIdleAnims 0 to disable them. Very helpful when taking screenshots.
    • Saber Holsters • Lightsabers are now holstered on the belt when not in use. A tag_holsterorigin can be added to a hilt for better placement. Adding "holsterPlace <none/hips/back/lhip>" in the .sab file specifies where a hilt will be holstered. Currently broken, default is right hip for now.
    • Headswapping • Several new heads are available for the human male and human female species. You can add your own heads - see the .headswap files in the sp_custom.pk3 for examples. NPCs can have heads set using the playerHeadModel and customHeadSkin commands in their .npc file.
    • RGB Character Colors • Adds an RGB slider option to all player species.
    • Better Entity Spawning • The /spawn command now supports entity keys, e.g. "spawn fx_runner fxFile the/file".
    • .eent files • Maps now load entities from mapentities/mapname.eent in addition to loading them from the .bsp file.
    • MP Movement • Not identical to MP but close. Allows for bunny hopping and less "slide" effect when moving. g_bunnyhopping 1. Also in the menu.
    • Extra Player Tints • (Unused) Playermodels are able to have multiple tints. If you enter “newPlayerTint 0 <R> <G> <B>”, any shader stages for the player with “rgbGen lightingDiffuseEntity 0” will be tinted to this color rather than the usual.
    • Ghoul2 view models First person view weapon models are now allowed to use .glm models using eezstreet's code.
    • Detachable E-Web The player can detach an E-Web from its mount by pressing the Use Force button whilst using it. While the E-Web is equipped, the player moves more slowly.
    • More usable weapons The tusken rifle and noghri stick are fully usable by the player. The DC-15A clone rifle (made by Pahricida), DC-15S clone blaster (Made by AshuraDX and Som3) and E-5 droid blaster (made by KhorneSyrup) have also been added. Only given via cheats right now.
      • give weapon_tusken_rifle
      • give weapon_noghri_stick
      • give weapon_e5
      • give weapon_dc15s
      • give weapon_dc15a
    • Saber throw is now a force power • This was to be compatible with the katarn saber style (listed below) - this was restored to alt attack to work with all styles like before.
    • New force powers • Force Insanity, Destruction, Repulse and Stasis have been added. Force Repulse is gained automatically during the SP campaign. Bind the keys in the Controls menu. NPCs can use Destruction and Stasis. For faster force regeneration, g_forceRegenTime has been brought over from MP.
    • First person lightsaber with TrueView • As seen in Open Jedi Project and all the other mods that used it, TrueView shows the player model in first person view. You can turn it on for guns with cg_trueguns and turn it on for sabers with cg_fpls or through the menu. Change FOV with cg_trueFOV. Recommend set to 120 if using first person lightsaber.
    • Radar • The radar system from Siege in MP now works in SP. Giving NPCs and misc_radar_icon entities the icon key will set a custom icon. A 2D minimap is also loaded from minimaps/mapname.mmap.
    • AI workshop • Created by eezstreet to give more control over NPC AI. See full thread here.
    • Switch pistols • Toggle between DL-44 and Bryar if added to inventory with pistol bind (+weapon_2)
    • Saber ignition speed • cg_ignitionSpeed scales saber ignition speed
    • Click-drag to rotate player model in customization screen • To help with seeing your character more easily instead of waiting on it to rotate around again.
    • MP-style saber hilt list • Lists lightsabers in the menu without the need for adding menu listings
    • r_mode -2 is now default • sets the game to the monitor's native resolution at launch. Change back to r_mode -1 to use windowed mode.
    • Widescreen HUD fix • Fixes the HUD to support widescreen resolutions without stretching the HUD elements, default to on. r_ratioFix.
    • Removed black bars in cutscenes • this helps with widescreen resolutions not cutting off half of the scene.
    • Included HapSlash’s improved stormtrooper model • because the default one is atrocious.
    • Included Toshi’s Luke model • because of same reason as above
    • Included AshuraDX’s high quality DL-44 model • because it is beautiful
    • Ingame character and saber menu  • Change your character skin and lightsaber from the pause menu at any time!
    • Ingame cheat menu  • A simple menu in the pause menu to give access to some common cheat codes like god mode, noTarget, setforceall, and increased dismemberment!
    • Ingame photo mode  • Use sliders to get the right angle and take a screenshot. Thanks to therfiles for camSP! Screenshots save to the JAEnhanced folder (Windows: C:/Users/user/Documents/My Games/JAEnhanced)

    Optional features (separate PK3's):

    • Improved jedi_hm • DT's very nice improved Human Male jedi is included with Jedi Robe options with RGB tinting features.
    • Build Your Own Lightsaber • Now lightsabers can be customized like the player species. Example customizable hilts are included thanks to AshuraDX and Plasma.’
    • Improved effects • also known as "UltimateWeapons", this is a must-have to create a more authentic Star Wars atmosphere

    Unfinished features, only use if testing:

    • Unstable and black saber blades • use with console command: sabercrystal 1 unstable or sabercrystal 1 black - the number is the saber number, so use 2 if you want to change your left hand blade.
    • Katarn saber style • A gun / saber stance. No animations yet, but you play around with it (with cheats enabled) by doing "give weapon_bryar_pistol" and then "setsaberstyle katarn" in the console.
    • Z-6 rotary cannon • Added slot for this weapon, but it has no model yet. give weapon_z6


    If you've installed an earlier version (from when this was just called SP Customization Mod or 1.0), it'd probably best to uninstall the old version.

    If you're using a Mac, you should put "Jedi Academy: Enhanced" alongside your regular Jedi Academy base folder - depending on your version the base folder might be hidden inside the original game's application bundle or in /Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Jedi Academy/

    If you're on Windows, install the Visual C++ 2015 redistributable, then put all files in your GameData folder. For Steam this is in C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Jedi Academy. For GOG.com this is in C:/GOG Games/Jedi Academy. For Amazon this is in C:/Amazon Games/Library/Jedi Academy.

    If you’re using Linux, install SDL2 via Terminal [sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0], then install Jedi Academy via Steam Proton, right click the game, browse local files. Put the files in GameData.

    You can launch the mod with or ja_enhanced.x86.exe on Windows, JAEnhanced.app on Mac, and ja_enhanced.i386 or ja_enhanced.x86_64 on Linux.

    User files will be saved to /Users/user/Library/Application Support/JAEnhanced on macOS or to /Users/user/Documents/My Games/JAEnhanced on Windows.

    Known bugs:

    • holsterPlace for .sab files currently does not work, which should allow the option for left hip, right hip, back, and none.
    • Some sabers in the saber pack do not line up well when holstered
    • The ingame saber menu won't let you switch from dual sabers to single saber. Workaround is to use /saber kyle (or any single saber) and then use the menu to choose one.
    • g_forceRegenTime doesn't go less than the default value
    • Player RGB tints can't be removed in the menu
    • Player RGB tints can’t be used in the in-game player menu
    • The option to bind photo mode to a button in the controls menu currently does nothing. Workaround is to use the console: /bind key uimenu camsp
    • Ultimate Weapons effects can be invisible if using all weapons back to back. It’s unlikely to happen in normal play sessions but is a bug (also in basejka).

    Potential future features:

    • More bundled improvement mods
    • Health regeneration
    • Default saber holstering to left hip to be canonically correct
    • For modders: add new weapons like sabers, fitting them to existing classes - like add a new model but it functions just like a blaster pistol with a unique sound and effect color, like sabers do. Instead of .sab files we could have .weap or files or something similar. As opposed to how it is now where you have to code in new weapons directly.
    • Adding to the above bullet point, SFX sabers translated into blaster effects with RGB and everything
    • Headswap, but for all parts, so you can use the pants of one model, the torso of another, and the head of another
    • Aim-based blaster deflection for added difficulty


    The code and menu files are GPL. The relevant GPL license is included in the "readmes” folder. For completeness the Open Jedi Project readme is included although permission has been granted to use the TrueView code under the GPL.


    • redsaurus for all coding and implementation.
    • AJL for the SFX Sabers stuff (including SFX_Sabers.pk3).
    • Circa for various icons, in-game menus, testing, release.
    • Raz0r for the MP-style movement code.
    • AshuraDX for the saber hilt, DL-44, and DC-15s models
    • DT85 for the improved jedi_hm.
    • HapSlash for the improved Stormtrooper model.
    • JKG team for the unstable saber blade graphics and shaders.
    • eezstreet for the Ghoul 2 weapon view model code.
    • razorace (and the Open Jedi Project) for the use of the TrueView code under the GPL.
    • OpenJK maintainers and contributors.
    • Pahricida for the Clone Rifle (and omeewan for the textures).
    • SoM3 for the clone blaster.
    • KhorneSyrup for the droid blaster.
    • Kahn Dahlaine for UltimateWeapons effects mod.
    • Dark Forces mod team, Salvador Barale, Luke Ashdown, for E-11 blaster, thermal detonator, bryar pistol models.
    • Toshi/DT85 for the ROTJ Luke model v2
    • therfiles for his amazing camSP tool for photo mode
    • macsourceports.com team for the macOS Universal 2 build
    • Daggo for general helpfulness


    Support for this mod will be limited. Please post questions in the subforum on JKHub.

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  14. You should be able to follow that tutorial on how to find one. They recommend using the Ultra Utility for it but I usually just look at the list of entities already on the map, since you have the entire list when decompiling the map's entities. The tutorial uses *8 which is from a func_door, so I usually see if the map has any func_door's and use the model brush name from that.

    What map are you editing? I might be able to find you one if you are still stuck.

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