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  1. Did some searching on Google and found out that you can use a program called "Modview" to see which animations are which. So for anyone who sees this and thinks "hey, I wanna switch up some animations!!' use it ;). Thanks again AshuraDX and Tompa9
  2. Alright so I got it to work.. Kinda. The animation works fine but now the Stormtrooper has a sniper.. o_o https://imgsli.com/MjEyNzE Any idea what might be causing this?
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, I'll check it out.
  4. Hey everybody, new blood here. Is there anybody who wants to help me with this? I don't know anything about coding or making animations - however I'm willing to give it ago. Here are some comparison pictures of what I'd like to change around. https://imgsli.com/MjEyMTM https://imgsli.com/MjEyMTQ Is it possible to make other NPC's aim like the Rodian does and if so, how hard is it to do? Hope you're all doing good 🙂
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