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    Donald the Duke

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    No idea but I like it. I like the pure white map and the 2D looking playermodels and vehicles. Reminds me of Aha - Take On Me Music Video. I just don't know where the pk3 file is. :teehee:


    :D why was this approved?

    How to implement into Jedi Academy?



    it was submitted as Artwork, which it is. That's why it was approved.

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  1. Looks good.  Only complaint is that it seems to be quite smaller than all the rest of the guns in 3rd person.  Was the original quite this different in terms of size?

    all guns in JKA are incredibly oversized and super bulky - especially the old bryar so yes, the base jka viewmodels are also deformed to fake FOV which -i did not do with this view model, so it's longer and may appear a little slimmer than it actually is.

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    Test Maps

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    there used to be a similiar mod on wonkos mirror, included a few more colors than yours and I've been using them for a while. good to see something similair here though!

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  2. Is not the screenshots, the screenshots look fine. Is the actual HUD on MY computer that looks low res.

    pm me a screenshot and I'll try to figure out whats going on


    EDIT: going by the resolution of your screenshots for the starkilelr file you are palying the game in a very low resolution (800x600) you should use the regular hud.pk3 with that as it fits the 4:3 aspect ratio.


    the fact that it appears to be lowres on your screen might be linked to the low resolution you're playing in.

    Ashura's Clone trooper

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    perfect but could you add 212th and arc trooper gear? wait whys is this under Jedi Outcasts > playermodels?

    oups :P thanks for noticing!


    what equipment exactly? I planned a few extra helmets and accesoires so probably yes, but no clue when they will be released

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    Ashura's Turntable

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    This is very good, but also would be interesting if someone made 3D animation for missing items (for example, each of the different lightsabers), or static animation for them (like the multiplayer game Jedi Outcast when someone created a server with the gameplay "Jedi Master")

    eh I'M not sure wht you mean? what is missing? I have 4 different postions, one per saber style of which one also works with guns

    Vathius Hilt

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    cool hilt!

    one question - what's with the...thing (forgot what it's called) above which the saber hovers?

    where can I get that?

    it's a character model with custom animations I made, it's unreleased as of now but I plan to release it after some more tweaking

  3. Lovely model, I asume it's a young female? Perhaps, if avaible, you can make a middle aged one?

    that's something you could do from this, just by nudging a few vertices around - and this is what this mesh was made for a rough base for people to edit. Taking away the need to worry about topology

  4. Nice! I noticed this is the second time Rooxon has made a hilt then Ashura made a better one. lol :P

    in fact - I made the original Kyloren hilt - without any intent to put it in JKA and gave him the ultra highpoly mesh to make a JKA version , by modeling a less detailed model around my highpoly model, and then use that to teach him my workflow - during which I ade a lowpoly kylo ren hilt aswell so we could get compareable results, we then decided after some discussion to release both hilts at the same time


    With this hilt he asked me for help on modeling a few pieces and I ended up modeling the entire hilt aswell and made a "lower poly" version which I textured, it's the model you see in the presentation image and the sketchfab link. That model would have killed JKA the second it'd have to render it because it was waaaaay to detailed.

    I thought I could not get this hilt in JKA without sacrificing too much detail - which I couldn't accept really and therefore tried it - and was surprised how good it came out


    Rooxon and I work together a lot, I often walk him through stuff or push him in the right direction - this is friendly competition and if he had any trouble with me publishing these i'd have known before even thinknig of that ;)

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  5. Could make the scope's lens a separate texture and make it bigger. Maybe.

    or up my graphics settings and retake the screenshots - which I just did.... (texture quality was set to high instead of VERY high, which resulted in 1/2 of the texture resolution being displayed)

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