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Vade Parvis's Workshop: yet another neverending WIPs

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Greetings, comrades!


Finally, I was also going to open a topic dedicated to my works for the JKA. Please note that I'm working on it in my spare time, combination of which with inspiration, unfortunately, is not so often as I would like — so don't judge me too severely for slow progress :)


In recent months, I'm closely working on a large pack of imperial military personnel models, and I would like to share screenshots of the current progress in this direction.


1. The prefinal version of my revamp (both geometry and textures) of helmets of imperial pilots (based on the original Raven's TIE pilot's model and texture, it's old chunky fan-made reskin to a AT-AT version and some parts of mesh and textures from HapSlash's Stormtrooper). For greater clarity, I quote them in comparison with the original geometry and textures on which I worked.

Stormtrooper-style valves are placeholders. Small props aren't added yet.



  • New AT-AT driver helmet:


  • Original helmet with old fan-made texture:


  • New TIE pilot helmet:


  • Original helmet with Raven's texture:


That revamp was inspired by screens of lost unfinished works from HapSlash:








2. Additions and corrections to the classic HapSlash's Imperial Officer (with parts from my old Imperial Army Troopers pack):



  • Corrected shape of the cap, a new design of the code disk (the same is used on the buckle belt).


  • Corrected cap, a new code disk, an alternative type of code cylinders from ANH ("Honey Sticks"), code cylinder pockets now shaped in the torso mesh.


  • My "fanon" cap redesign for the cold/windy weather, inspired by TFA ones. Two variants — with the raised and with the lowered occipital part.


  • WIP coat, new "navy" color of uniforms, new belt boxes.


  • WIP coat, new black color of uniforms.


  • WIP coat, animation test (very old build, with old uniforms color, old cap etc. — I was just too lazy to reassemble everything before the completion of the main mesh work, because of quite difficult and tiring transfer meshes from blender to 3dsMax with saving a rig and custom normals at once — but the essence and so it's clear, I think).



  • Added option with pelvic part of the pants, for use without a lower part of the tunic.


  • Heavy cuirass is fitted to the officer's proportions, its geometry is fixed, the belt now correctly fits with the abdominal armor plate, cylinders and pockets are fitted under the cuirass. Also here you can see the slight fix of shape of the officer's galliffet (breeches with wide thigh), closer to that shown in the films.


  • Navy Trooper: narrow pants, low boots, total rework of the old Monsoontide's helmet with highly increased detail and accuracy and with new baked textures.


  • Alternative horizontal variant of belt boxes (on the Navy Trooper's body as expample).


  • Close view of the new Navy Trooper's helmet.


  • From left to right: the original MST's helmet, my version, the helmet from the 2015's Battlefront (with completely inadequate proportions and detail — it seems that the DICE's designers made their helmet based on photos of an rejected early ANH design instead of the actual one). The latter served was a example for a location of holes on the armored plates of my version.


  • Same as previous screenshot.


  • WIP trousers + low shoes. Normal (upper left frame) and cloche (three remaining).


  • Modified geometry and texture of standard code cylinders (the left and right columns were "before" and "after" respectively).


  • Fixed geometry (and, accordingly, a texture) of the abdominal armor, now there is no undue extension in the bottom.


  • New tactical goggles in ESB/RotJ style (without texture yet), based on a heavy modified mesh from Battlefront II by Pandemic.


All my work on the Navy Trooper was initially inspired by another great, but unfinished and now lost work by HapSlash.




3. WIP female version of the Imperial Officer, based on the male mesh and unified with it by textures and general shape. In the future, I plan to add to it all options from the male version and some unique ones.




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Wow. Absolutely fantastic.


I did a similar kitbash for the officer and the Army trooper armor for the latest issue of my comic, but THIS is a true overhaul of how Imperials can be presented in this game with all the variations. Particular praise for the new caps and those overcoats. 


I will be following this with great interest.

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Thank you all very much for the feedback!



Can you make Heavy cuirass guy without a helmet, or with some other?

Ofcourse. Most of the options can be combined as you like




Some of new WIP stuff: helmets for the RotJ-style Mechanical Crew and Gunners.


The casque part (approximately representing outline of the MKII Talker helmet, that was used as the basis for a most of the helmets in the OT) was taken from my navy helmet, the occipital armor plate was created from armor plates from the same, the gunner's mask was taken from the ported gunner's helmet by Claim and Barricade24 with following mesh edit, and the antenna box was taken from the same (yet without changes, but I want to refine its shape a bit by adding more details).

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@@Vade Parvis

Wait, you did all this by yourself? I know, you've ported one helmet and used some of the models made by Raven, but at least you added content made from scratch.

This is madness! I've always wanted to see something like that, especially during a time where porting has become a standard.

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This deal is getting better all the time.



Yep Exactly! 



@@Vade Parvis

Wait, you did all this by yourself? I know, you've ported one helmet and used some of the models made by Raven, but at least you added content made from scratch.

This is madness! I've always wanted to see something like that, especially during a time where porting has become a standard.

Yep!!! And i must say - this is one of the best topics.

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Да! С Вашей стороны было логично создать тему по разработкам и тут) Видно что народ уже предвкушает)


Yes! On your part, it was logical to create a theme for development and here) It is evident that the people are already anticipating)

(I hope the translation is correct...)

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My new idea's.


Imperial landing trooper





Imperial army trooper (full):





Imperial army trooper (Rogue one trenchcoat):





Imperial heavy trooper (Repeater trooper):








Imperial scientist (RtCW version):








Imperial photon trooper:





Imperial officer uniform (autumn/winter):











Imperial officer (Rogue One trenchcoat):








Imperial Dark Side adept (Imperial Inquisitorium adept, sith scribe, inquisitor, inquisitor's instructor):








Imperial Grand-vizier/Vizier/Minister military uniform):




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  • 2 weeks later...

@@Vade Parvis

Wait, you did all this by yourself?

Yep, that's right  :)  Also I must say special thakns to Imperial Officer for a large number of reference images, SW lore advices, constructive criticism, ideas and a lot of simple but cool sketches.



Great! Reminds me nazi officers from Germany especially with this skirt :)

Yes, good old RtcW was one of main source of inspiration for some variations :)



@@Vade Parvis Any chance you could do a First Order officer? That's definitely something we're lacking on this site, at the moment.

I will try — but I can not promise anything, because, I will be honest, I hate First Order and because of this I may just not have enough inspiration to end FO uniform.




Some progress in recent weeks:


1. Small update to my previous post — colored buttons / lamps for the fleet-type helmets:


Close-up of a box:












My earlyer navy trooper's helmet for clarity:




2. I'm nearing completion of unification of a bitmap textures, UV maps and meshes (as an additional option) of the basic heads (and some of it's derivatives — from a JO/JA Chiss, Prisoners, Galak, Hapslash's Rom Mohc etc.) with Imperial ones. In perspective, You will be able to mix texture and mesh options of the heads in any combination, without the need of a deep rework of textures/meshes for each case.


3. At last I was going to try to compile OpenJK, so far — with some random test play with weapons and one minimal test correction of the original flaw in the game code, which consisted in the fact that npc'd with CLASS_IMPERIAL and CLASS_IMPWORKER classes were not able to use a weapon, except for standard blaster pistols and rifles.


In case if someone finds it useful — the problem is solved as follows:



replace this fragment in AI_Stormtrooper.cpp:


            if ( NPC->client->ps.weapon != WP_NONE )
                ChangeWeapon( NPC, WP_NONE );
                NPC->client->ps.weapon = WP_NONE;
                NPC->client->ps.weaponstate = WEAPON_READY;
                G_RemoveWeaponModels( NPC );

wit this:

            if (NPC->client->ps.weapon == WP_BLASTER_PISTOL || NPC->client->ps.weapon == WP_BRYAR_PISTOL || NPC->client->ps.weapon == WP_BLASTER)
                ChangeWeapon(NPC, WP_NONE);
                NPC->client->ps.weapon = WP_NONE;
                NPC->client->ps.weaponstate = WEAPON_READY;

and add to this fragment in NPC_combat.cpp:

        if ( self->client->ps.weapon == WP_NONE && !Q_stricmpn( self->NPC_type, "imp", 3 ) && !(self->NPC->scriptFlags & SCF_FORCED_MARCH)  )
            if ( self->client->ps.stats[STAT_WEAPONS] & ( 1 << WP_BLASTER ) )
                ChangeWeapon( self, WP_BLASTER );
                self->client->ps.weapon = WP_BLASTER;
                self->client->ps.weaponstate = WEAPON_READY;
                G_CreateG2AttachedWeaponModel( self, weaponData[WP_BLASTER].weaponMdl, self->handRBolt, 0 );
            else if ( self->client->ps.stats[STAT_WEAPONS] & ( 1 << WP_BLASTER_PISTOL ) )
                ChangeWeapon( self, WP_BLASTER_PISTOL );
                self->client->ps.weapon = WP_BLASTER_PISTOL;
                self->client->ps.weaponstate = WEAPON_READY;
                G_CreateG2AttachedWeaponModel( self, weaponData[WP_BLASTER_PISTOL].weaponMdl, self->handRBolt, 0 );


this part:

            else if (self->client->ps.stats[STAT_WEAPONS] & (1 << WP_BRYAR_PISTOL))
                ChangeWeapon(self, WP_BRYAR_PISTOL);
                self->client->ps.weapon = WP_BRYAR_PISTOL;
                self->client->ps.weaponstate = WEAPON_READY;
                G_CreateG2AttachedWeaponModel(self, weaponData[WP_BRYAR_PISTOL].weaponMdl, self->handRBolt, 0);




4. Last night I fitted the texture of an original JA cold weather women's pants to a UV map of the Imperial ones:




I plan to use it as base for the cold weather variant for the low rank/tech personnel uniform, in the style of old SW:G custom imperial uniforms:


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A few days ago I managed to implement a simple laser sight effect for NPCs with disintegrators. It works all the time, while AI in the sniper mode and sees a target, and direction of the ray corresponds to the real aim direction of the NPC at this moment. In this realization, unfortunately, the laser passes through characters, interacting only with the environment.

Also I managed to achieve a quite adequate (as in my opinion) effect of shooting from the flamethrower.


As in the case of the laser sight, small additions to the code that directly responded to the draw of the effect helped me.

The effect consists of two elements: the imitation of a jet of an incendiary mixture consisting of "stationary" particles, drawn, as usual, at each step at the current position of the projectile, and a moving fragment of the expanding flame (based on this realization), created in one copy in parallel with the physical projectile (this is just the added line in the flamethrower code) and moving in the same direction with the same parameters of speed and gravity.


On the gameplay part there are quite a lot of things that I would like to implement for this kind of weapon, but at this moment I don't know how: how to make projectiles passing through the opponents, it's "sticking" to the surfaces and living at a certain amount of time after projectile sticked, permanent damage all the time that character touching the projectile, and so on.

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