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  1. Got a Gear VR. Have to say, probably one of the best tech purchases I made this year.

    1. Bek


      Yes, but what was the worst you've made this year.

  2. Cool to see people apparently being quote on quote "abused" by text.

    1. Daedra
    2. Noodle


      Do yourself a favor and don't pay attention to the drama queens.

  3. I'm already preparing myself for more secrets to find.
  4. And for my next trick, I'll make myself reappear.

  5. Holy shit, that's great! Hope you make a big splash in the gaming development scene!
  6. This was the massive boost I was expecting when the source codes came out. It's a little late coming but hey; I'm still glad to see such a massive boost in numbers
  7. Holy shit, I didn't realise the full extent that Humble Bundle caused for the JKA community

    1. Onysfx


      Me neither. And for some reason, I keep pronouncing it Humble Bumble. It sounds nice to say xD.

    2. Sentra


      ^ exactly my problem with Humble's name >.<

    3. Smoo


      lol that was fun

  8. It's interesting to also point out that japro aims to make the game more competitive when baseJKA has already done that; and that's the vanilla game.
  9. Abusive admins wouldn't be an issue if the player makes the choice to stop going there to troll and be a general ass...*cough* Though really, JA+ did it's job well in keeping JKA going. It's long outdated and JA++ is generally better, but hey; I certainly don't mind JA+
  10. It installs things in other directories for some reason.
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