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Tompa's WIP thread

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I'm back with an improved version of my Rex Endor model that was teased few months ago! Whole kitbash is made of Force Arena head and Battlefront 3 body/helmet. I've also prepared NPC support and ripped his own soundpack from SW: Rebels TV show.

Link: https://mega.nz/#!hVtmzAZJ!84PFeDC1BEXVVYPVSK_ORY6jTLGrjjujcjRuYWECznI







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RELEASE: Ben Solo 


I've decided to make Ben Solo before he turned to the Dark Side. It uses my personal edit of Kylo Ren's head from Force Arena and traditional Haps Jedi body mesh. In order to use his accurate saber from the movie you have to download recent release of Plasma's saber pack!

Link: https://mega.nz/#!BdtkEa7C!5n783OBoaX-IaemYNR-V0z2oGD4hLr4Sa4TQsFWwLZI






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On 6/14/2019 at 6:07 PM, Tompa9 said:

My recent work on JFO Purge troopers. I've done both default & commander skins. It is kitbash of @@AshuraDX's clone model + airborne clone helmet and kilt + @@Scerendo's Deathtrooper's pauldron. All accurately reskinned to match games design.



Nice work on the purge troopers

It would be interesting in whatever mod (can't think of specifics) if someone recreated the purge trooper commander's blaster rifle with one of the unique functions it has

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13 hours ago, Lord Of Hate said:

Do you have any plans to do Trilla Suduri either as herself or as the Second Sister?:





Sorry for the image spam, but I think it's a lot easier then forcing you to go look for pics should you decide to do it ?

Hello, I dont have any intentions to do her, sry.

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