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Tompa's WIP thread

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Maybe you should fix those sleeves though? They are too loose.


I know that but it won´t be that easy. My first plan with that model was to try Force arena head and do overal color change. I can´t promise I will change sleeves too :) (maybe similar mesh even doesn´t exist)  :)

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Latest progress - white collar, white boots, further body color edit, improved belt with new metal texture of belt buckle and I have started working on younger master Luke from TLJ flashbacks  :)




Hehe, I was going to ask if you plan to make the younger version of Luke.

So, that was my answer)

Great start!

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Release: Luke Skywalker in his master robes!


Description: This model is recreation of famous Jedi Master Luke Skywalker in his master robes during his days of exile on a planet Ahch-To. He was seen like that in The Force Awakens and also at some scenes of The Last Jedi. With the big help of @@GPChannel, I´ve reskinned original old @@DT85´s body and kitbashed head from Force arena. @@Sir Crusher has provided me head rig so he is able to move mouth during conversation. LOD´s were created for better model optimization. 





npc spawn luke_tfa (mechanic hand version)
npc spawn luke_tfa_robed
npc spawn luke_tfa_hooded
npc spawn luke_tfa_glove (glove version)
npc spawn luke_tfa_robed_glove
npc spawn luke_tfa_hooded_glove
npc spawn luke (robed version which replaces basic JASP Luke)
DT85 (original model)
Force Arena team (head model)
GPChannel (body textures and glove)
Sir Crusher (head rig)
License: Other players may modify and share this work so long as they provide credit to the original author.

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