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  1. I don't know what base you would like the mod to be on but it would be a fairly easy reskin except from the belt being over the tunic, I've been trying to figure that out for a little bit to make Luke from Battlefront II, Toshi or Tompa's Luke would be fairly simple to reskin into this
  2. Yea my settings look the same, I took everything directly from assets 1 so it should all be in the right folders, as of now I'm assuming it has something to do with being on a mac
  3. I believe I've tried this too, I'm trying to upload the screenshot I took but I can't figure it out. This experiment has been a monumental success so far lol
  4. I did check the manual, It essentially said I need a path if its not the exact same format as everyone else's and since I'm using a mac I think that applies
  5. I'm trying but I still get stuck at either no GLA found or Invalid Base Path
  6. How do I assign the path for the GLM? If I just copied from the base game shouldn't the paths already be created? I'm very confused
  7. Hey guys, I decided I wanted to start attempting frankenstiening and I hit a snag pretty quick. I've downloaded blender as well as the JKA plug ins for my Mac, whenever I try to import a GLM i get a message saying there is no GLA file. I've watched several tutorials and still can't figure it out. I have a separate models/players/ folder in my base game that contains all the humanoid files as well as all the models. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Arrow
  8. Tompa9, Love these sound packs, are you going to upload ones for Luke and Vader?
  9. With the recent announcement of The Clone Wars coming back, my prequel interest is at an all time high. After playing Circa's prequel conversion mod for days, I got an idea. What if the game took place during Order 66? This mod will replace a few weapons and models to have the story fit Revenge Of The Sith and its immediate aftermath. Replacements implemented so far: Alora replaced by Asajj Ventress Variations of reborn replaced by Jedi Hunters Clone troopers replacing Stormtroopers ARC troopers replacing Stormtrooper officers and commanders The DL44 replaced by the DC17 E11 replaced by the clone carbine Repeater replaced by DC15 Changes Pending: Tavion to Female Inquisitor from Rebels Luke to be replaced by a hologram Obi Wan Possibly turning Rosh into Ezra
  10. Might need to get Jedi Academy Enhanced or OpenJk, I needed Enhanced to run it with all my other mods
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