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  1. So, after a few requests here about showing more details, I decided to "slightly open the curtain", since the first model is done and retexturing is going to the end. This is WIP after all. I just didn't want to show every part I've done, like a shot every time some part is done. It's kinda meh But anyway, since the picture is almost full, I'll show you what do I have at the moment. Remember, it's still WIP (unfinished), so some parts don't fit each other. I hope you'll like what you see. P.S. if you want to wait for a full look at the model, just do not check this.
  2. I've got your point, mate, about sleeves. I'll try to do smth with them, but that will probably be for V 2.0, I guess. And I saw lots of images, while I was looking for smth I needed and I know what do you guys mean. But still I like Plasma's model. I just wanna show my vision of it. So, I guess I'll do some attempts about sleeves, but later. And yeah, thx for your support!
  3. The hood is the same one that is in Kualan's model, but with a few changes (I've made it a bit more accurate). Let me finish the mask (I'm currently working with it) and I'll post the upper belt shot, so you could see it
  4. There's also the list of changes in the post with the screenshots. About recolour - yes, it is, because that was one of the reasons I decided to do reskin. And it's not a black colour, that's the point. I'd say it's light grey or a middle one and I've made it darker. There are only a few parts left. I think the new way of the tone gives a closer skin to the film version. Don't worry, there'll be more screenshots soon. Patience I just want you can see the full picture, not just a random unfinished parts.
  5. Working on Kylo Ren's reskin. The full look at the first model soon! For more details, visit this thread: https://jkhub.org/topic/10711-a-new-kylo-rens-reskin/

  6. lol, what a weird people out there! That's totally ridiculous to think that you guys wanna get fame by using the original author work or owning it without any credit of him. The funniest thing is you've given him a credit not even once and told his work was huge and hard. Besides, this mod was created by fans and for fans, so just keep it up and do not deal with idiots
  7. Well, check the first post with some screens of Plasma's and mine. You can already see some changes I've done. When I finish retexturing and post screens of the front view and sides, you'll see more difference That's why I do a comparison screens
  8. So, while you're waiting for it, I'd like to introduce the list of the models, which I'm going to include into reskin: - Regular Kylo (with the full outfit): - Hood down version: - Unmasked with the scarf version: - Masked with no scarf version: - Unmasked with no scarf version: This list concerns only Episode VII versions by now. We'll see about next actions. I need to finish these ones first.
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