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Jeff's never ending WIP's

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44 minutes ago, Basil Bonehead said:

It’s looking good, the hair of course still needs to be worked on and I’m also guessing the poncho is in development?

It was just a basic hair,we replaced with a new hair model
Yeah i want to add a poncho something like in the game 

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4 hours ago, Nerdman3000 said:

I'm aware of that one, which he did a couple of years ago, but the one currently on @Jeff's profile pic seems new and looks a bit different. 

It would be cool if he was doing a V2 of his old EU ladies mod pack though.

Yes it's been upgraded but not sure if I'm going to release it.

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11 minutes ago, Nerdman3000 said:

Well, I would personally love to see it. Is it just the Jaina pilot model though, or all of the Jaina skins from the EU ladies pack? 


Not all of them I did the pilot, green outfit, black outfit and a new one.

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7 hours ago, JackDaRizzle said:

@Jeff amazing work on the Kao Cen Darach model! I do not find it on the SP Customization uimenu though, is this model SP compatible? 

You'd have to make an npc file or set it up for SP customization. Here's some links to get started 

SP customization https://jkhub.org/forums/topic/10013-how-to-make-a-singleplayer-species-with-variants/

NPC file https://jkhub.org/forums/topic/10007-valis-skinning-tutorial-part-3-npc-support/

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