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  1. https://www.mediafire.com/file/veiansn3y84nb3w/Ren_MOTK.pk3/file ren_motk ren_motk_u ren_motk2 ren_motk2_u -Credits and Notes- Belt/Gauntlets/Torso/Scarf - Plasma Head/Face/Eyes/Hips/Boots - Spanki Hair - Aaron Smith Cape - Toshi Grenades - Jeff Plates - Jimesu_evil -Bugs- Model still has a few holes on some parts. Possible clipping. -UPDATE- New skins and voice files.
  2. I made a discount malicos in swtor. Could rip the model to be ported. Porting a JFO model is alot of work, the hair mesh alone would need to be split into several parts.
  3. I've nothing to do. What do you have in mind?
  4. I like the burn marks. You should keep the lightsaber layers above the shadow layers to avoid that shades on the blade.
  5. I saw it for a moment in the files and then it vanished.
  6. I deliberately made them land in the hangar that way. I made it so that the shield only deflects blaster fire but allows starships to enter and leave.
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