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FEATURE: OpenGL 3 Renderer

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Yeah that's due to rend2 (MP as well) having missing triangles when rendering ghoul2 models. Looks to be a debug build issue though, not release.


No idea how to fix the ghoul2 textures not loading/being applied to the wrong models or the "give" command crashing.


@@Xycaleth any ideas? The code is updated on my git. :)

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If any of you need, I know a few different ways to make normal maps and a dozen tricks how you can easily create normal map illusions using either filters or plugins in Photoshop. :) I know you can come across various tutorials on google, I'm proposing I'd share the best of what I could find during these two years of skyrim modding.

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I fear this is now dead in the water, unless someone can come fix this up. Here's what Xycaleth said:



Rend2, which we ported from ioq3, was never meant to be used on the "server-side", which is what SP needs to do. In SP terms, the server-side is basically the part of the code that runs the game logic (on the other hand, the client essentially visualises what the server says is there). It would be a pretty big task to get it all working correctly as you have to check if the server is using the renderer, or if it's the client that's using it, and then potentially having to share data between the two.

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"Server-side" ???  -- I'm confused... why would the SP engine need to run anything on the "Server-side" ???  Isn't that the host machine that runs the server for online multi-player?  I guess I don't understand how SP is architected. 


...much sadness there is. :

Basically the localhost is the client and the server in singleplayer games.  It mostly is because it is easier to make a multiplayerand singleplayer using the same code base if you just plan on treating singleplayer as if it had a server-client relationship.  Also makes game design easier from a coding perspective in most cases as well.

JKG Developer

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So I "un-unioned" the model types, ripped the guts out of tr_ghoul2 (while still using the rend2 cache) and:




I'm now getting properly textured ghoul2 models. MD3's load for the map, but not for items or weapons. Shaders + textures now appear on the sabers. Shadows do not project onto every surface in a map for some reason. So far, only yavin1b & yavin2 load.


What I did is NOT the solution, but it helps me find the cause of one of the issues. :P

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I think when Xyc means "not meant to be server side", he's referring to how Ghoul2 is synced on both client and server as one unit in SP. This behavior is still sorta there on MP.

imo, go back to where you were before, and poke tr_skin.cpp. Skin handling is very different from MP -> SP, and once you fix the skin issue, the shadow issue should resolve itself.

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The fact that vid_restart crashes unless you're sitting at the main menu in SP is one of the reasons for the problems with how things are set up in SP atm with rendering and sharing with the server.


When we moved it to a modular renderer it now tries to reference renderer stuff from the gamecode, and when you do a vid_restart while the game code is running you end up with an access violation in any number of places that calls the renderer dll.


(Relative to comments that xyc said to you)

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