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  1. Exactly the kind of stuff someone under a NDA would say... XD just yankin yer crank man. I followed this thread more than any other thread lately. You put a lot of time and effort into your stuff and it's appreciated site-wide I'm sure. Good work over the years man.
  2. DMCA for copyright?? OMFG please let this be the case so all of my complaining about porting over the years comes to fruition XD
  3. Are bone root and effector nulls a Softimage proprietary thing, or do other engines use this technique as well?

    1. ChalklYne


      Minilogoguy18 answered this for me already. Thank you!

  4. ChalklYne

    Excuse the mess.

    You know... when viewing on mobile, instinctively I want to press the back button after viewing a picture to go back to the page it is being viewed from... which in actuality sends the page I'm viewing from back a page. Not sure if that's an issue or my own navigational qualms, but it's there.
  5. ChalklYne

    Excuse the mess.

    All of my old notifications are gone. Not sure if that matters, just trying to be observant. Thanks for the update, I've been known to appreciate a well manicured back end.
  6. Nah I haven't been posting because I've been working on saluable material .. but I check jkhub just about every morning, lurking in the shadows. The PSU just blew like 2 weeks ago or so. Yeah money's tight for things like that, took my kids to Disneyworld last month for their summer vacation and have been slowly recovering since In fact .. I started modding jka when my daughter was 1... She's 11 now lol
  7. Sure! Let me get a new PSU and I'll hook u up with links. I should just update my sketchfab for portfolio purposes anyway. I sell mainly on cgtrader and turbosquid... I think I had something like daz3d as well but wasn't generating any traffic. I even sunk so low as to considering finishing my tfu mod and releasing it as standalone models in a huge pack for a couple bucks... But figured it rather dooshy and dropped the idea.
  8. She deserves a better answer than that .. I say she needs a full TC mod detailing the events that lead up to that fateful wanted poster. With multiple spinoffs. That random artist just turned into the legendary Rando Artis
  9. The scorning came from requester pestering, passing off works as their own, having an entitled demeanor while requesting, impatience for modders, and comparing original work to a game studios work and requesting we just port the models as opposed to trying on our own. No one just woke up one day and decided to be jerks to the requesting community, there was just a complete disconnect between requesters and modders, and it drove a lot of modders away, hence asking some requesters to learn the ropes for themselves on the simpler stuff. The jkhub community is in its current state because of all parties involved, not just the modders. The hostility towards ports at least personally stems from a few problems... the awesome talent that we have here being asked to just stop trying and port the original models, even though 1. The original models are built for much higher end engines and will cause issues if ported, and 2. It takes the fun out of it and turns modders from hobbyists to employees. Ports hurt a modeler because when one modeler spends months or years developing a model, then you just port over Lucas arts model next to it with 50,000 more polygons, you tend to be quite cruel with comparison. Not taking into account the need to drastically drop resolution for engine stability and just judging someone's 6 months of work vs a team of trained professionals and digital scans and limitless engine capabilities 4 years of work like they're somehow comparable. Also, a lot of requests just kinda stink and I think personally that I have to have some sort of interest in the model to work on it. This is jkhub... for jedi knight games... skyrim, gta etc have their own sites, modders, community, and discords. So it seems u and I have opposing ideology on what makes jkhub great and where it could improve. Maybe the utopia of jkhub u envision is the opposite of what I'd like to see. Therein lies the conflict of websites in general. Can't please everyone. I'll agree with you that this site seems to have lost traffic, but I do believe we have conflicting opinions as to why or how to remedy it I'll further add to my point that it seems the elders are showing less and less productivity because of real life and how that goes when you no longer have 18 hours a day to work on jk stuff... and the newcomers we asked to learn as well as request didn't and now there's no next generation of modders. Just a theory though And also.... yeah... discord. 95% of my models now are for sale on various sites, but I still have all my old models and will work on them from time to time. I still have the passion for it, just also gotta pay bills raise kids spend time with the wife... I wish there was a younger person with the passion I have and time I lack. Triple post combo, r.i.p. bergen
  10. I've blown another PSU. This one shot a white spark out the back of my tower. It was epic. Being my fourth PSU, any thoughts on what's causing it?

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    2. z3filus


      1060 with 650W here, no problems

    3. McGroose


      A 650 meets well over the need for a 1060, I think the recommended is 450. I've seen 400 work with it though

    4. z3filus


      Sounds to me like you're getting those parts from yard sales, if you're already at 5th PSU ...

      Find some quality stuff next xD

  11. The site isn't dead, it's haunted.
  12. @@Asgarath83 i dont have 3dsmax. Im sure if i compiled a character and exported as an fbx you could import it tho. Problem is i wont be around a computer for almost 2 weeks. Just follow the instructions i gave you and it should be fine. The thing needs to be re-rigged. If thats beyond your expertise id recommend learning it. I wont be any help for a while... Out of town
  13. @@Asgarath83 if when you export to xsi it creates a flipped null... try porting to fbx I thought I saw a fbx to glm converter on here. Glad I could help thus far though man good job sticking with it... that perseverance will pay off
  14. If the animation works in 3dsmax or whatever... then the anims are fine. your transforms are not reset man i done told u. You need to remove the envelope, flip your skeleton to fit, reset mesh transforms to zero, and re-rig it. I had it opened and fixed it all just to make sure i knew what i was talking about the first time you sent it. its still your problem. the heirarchy isnt going to fix it. i think your skeleton root imported flipped upside down... which isnt the end of the world tbh. Do as I say and you will have the fun times... keep guessing and you have the brain that get a hurt real bad. I'd do it for you but u know... that kinda defeats the purpose and from what youve said you have a lot of models to fix... im not fixing all of em thats for sure. lol Can you rig? its a small fix man youre making this insane. just take it one step at a time
  15. I dont use 3dsmax... maybe @@AshuraDX or someone familiar with that program can help you there... im glad youre catching on though
  16. @@Asgarath83 Your heirarchy your skeleton is flipped upside down your transforms are not zeroed Now... Heres a very elaborate custom model My heirarchy My skeleton and transforms The boxes on the right are your transforms... those need to be frozen so they are all at 0 (except the scale being 1 of course) your skeleton is flipped upside down? the heirarchy has a lot of stuff in there that i believe arent being used (the ld_ and rd_ stuff) and make sure it follows a clean syntax like mine does.I mis-spoke about it being "extremely" wrong... its manageable i just was obviously brain farting After you get those fixed, we can worry about the animations. I really hope this helps man
  17. @@Asgarath83 Ahhh... porting... i see... well... in this rare instance ill assist you because I can tell you are trying to put a lot of work into this. heres my GUESSES... 1.your heirarchy is incorrect. extremely. The model you sent me was very wrong. You may need a better understanding of the heirarchy required. 2. the animations could have things like constraints and stuff instead of baked animations. but... from the model you sent me... the skeleton was flipped upside down from the mesh and the heirarchy was all kinds of weird... so I'd assume you should remove all the envelopes, flip the skeleton root, reconfigure the heirarchy, and re-rig them. the animations might be ok but we can cross that bridge when we get there as to whether or not you need to plot out the anims because they are constraints and such. Its really hard for me to grasp where your specific problem is because i see so many problems from the beginning. give me a minute ill upload pictures to show you what i mean
  18. @@Asgarath83 you can have custom skeletons man... you just will have to animate them yourself
  19. You and me both brother. Honestly... Theres a tiny bit of a language barrier here so I will try and go through this slowly. From what I see... your skeleton is flipped upside down and your transforms arent frozen on the mesh. Now... I could fix those and send it back... but I think we're miscommunicating something here. You cant give animations from a different skeleton to this thing. you have to use one of the base skeletons provided in the raven source files located on this site. So you have to use the howler skeleton from the source files, fit this mesh to that skeleton, freeze the transforms on this mesh, then rig this mesh to the howler skeleton or whatever skeleton youre planning on using to be able to use the howler's anims, because thats what my decoding skills have shown you are trying to do. HTEN... you can give the howler things like force_push and stuff like that by adding those lines into his animations.cfg and providing him an animation for it. So basically the skeleton is original and original skeletons wont work for base animations, your skeleton is flipped upside down, and your mesh doesnt have the transforms frozen. I know the language barrier makes this a big problem to communicate, but remember, we all have a chicken duck woman thing waiting for us. Savvy?
  20. My pc crashed for a little bit while i was working on an animation and i was reminded of an ultron quote. "the purity of it... boom.. start over:

    1. Archangel35757
    2. minilogoguy18


      Or go into the SI settings and setup the auto backup feature but I think it's on by default so you might wanna look.

  21. Let's start submitting backgrounds for the site again

    1. the_raven
    2. Daedra


      I'd gladly re-submit my old ones.

  22. The site's looking nice =)

    1. the_raven


      What do you mean? Did they sneak onto the new version when i wasn't looking? O_o

    2. ChalklYne


      Not that I'm aware of. I was exploring under the influence and just thought it looked nice. They should go back to letting us submit backgrounds every month or so though.

    3. the_raven


      Good point, that last one.

  23. Blew a psu fan so im taking it easy for a few days. Worked on his weight shifting
  24. @@ZanderNao That would be awesome. Im animating the happabore and jabba first... then I have a kowakian monkey lizard id like to try... but I can totally see myself taking this request on as well while working on the kowakian. I have a habit of letting fully completed models just hang in limbo over something small so im really trying to focus on the cloth animations, happabore, and jabba for now. i also tend to work on something as soon as its asked about... someone asks about starkiller ill go sculpt starkiller pieces... jabba, ill go work on him... tie facility... ill go map that. I tend to find myself getting interested in whatever is publicly interesting at the time... just keep reminding me of this and ill light some fire under my ass to complete some of the ones i have open so i can get to him. Cool request thank you!
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