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  1. Hello. Ever since you started this map, I've been wanting to say something, but figured it was an issue you would address or someone would say something eventually. That did not happen, so here's my only grievance.... map looks way too bright and way to sharp. Sharp as in all of the edges. You don't have to bevel them all, you can play a little trickery with the textures if you're worried about verts. here is an example to help illustrate my criticism. Map's over bright and edges are razor sharp. Other than that, sick stuff, keep it up. Edit: are my spoiler tags not turtle enough for the turtle club anymore?
  2. Whoa. Is different

    1. Futuza


      Somehow it motivates me to do more modding.

  3. Try this one https://www.dropbox.com/s/i7fqs9qb8dtydgz/naihilt-test_Chalk.gmax?dl=0 See how many verts it gives you before you export, and after you export.
  4. yeah theres only 401 verts there, but, the way you split your uv map adds verts. like this... when you actually want something more like this its a lame example, but you should get it. the more cuts, the more verts.
  5. Your actual counts Can we have a look at your uv map? if youd like an easy solution though, without all the explanation, then split the model in 2 approximately equal parts. i.e. w_saber_base and w_saber_handle or something like that, and now your verts per surface will be under 1000
  6. @Nai could you export an fbx or an obj and I'll take a look for you
  7. Yeah it looked like crap with the spec on. I'll try and get a better result with it and update
  8. Yeah i wanted to make an ice cave, but, couldnt get the results i wanted
  9. 207 downloads

    Credits: Special thanks to noodle for all his testing help, as well as the community in whole for technical support Description: An ice spider from "The Mandalorian" series. Replaces the rancor (for now). Modelled and animated in Softimage, sculpted in ZBrush, and textured in Substance Painter. New Sounds: No Rend2 support Vehicle support Npc Spawn List: rancor rancor_vehicle Known Bugs: Still having issues with his web shooter as a vehicle, will try to fix in future updates. Pretty sure this destroys the mutant rancor, but will look into fixing that in future updates Comments: Let me know if there are any other issues. Watch out, he will eat you. * How to install * Just extract the .pk3 into the GameData/base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual Multiplayer MODS.
  10. I'd definitely release all sources with my mod. Sure, I spent years crafting it, but, I did it for the community (and a little for myself XD). I'd love to see what the community comes up with from my assets. Also, the amount of teaching it would do, is just priceless. I don't own licensing to anything LucasArts related, so holding onto any aspect of it seems disingenuous.
  11. Is there anyone with rend2 installed that would like to test a map for me today before i submit it tomorrow?

  12. Thanks! It's already done for openjk, but I'm trying to get a version working with base as well and release them simultaneously. Just reducing verts atm
  13. Having a difficult time rigging... but its moving along
  14. No. those models are downloaded, then repositioned and rigged in blender. @UM-3154 How exactly are you testing these characters? Spawn one in and try to shoot at it and hit it a few times with a saber. Does it crash the game after attacking it? Are you including LOD's?
  15. You might want to bake in some basic shadows for kingpin.
  16. I guess Ill call her done, if theres no other objections. i'll have her segmented and capped today, and rig her over the next day or so. Then I'll rig and animate her tiger.
  17. Hair adjustments, texturing adjustments, arms textured. Will work on straps and fixing leg normals next
  18. Just animating it myself. Wont have very many anims, but it will serve this particular purpose I'd be happy with just this
  19. Here are the 3 items that will be released together. her playermodel, her sabers, and her cat. 15k poly in total
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