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  1. You need to make a shortcut on the desktop rather than have openjk.x86.exe on the desktop. Please follow installation instructions here. OpenJK and Open Jedi Project are two completely separate things and are not affiliated. OpenJK does not contain any lightsaber changes. Open Jedi Project mod is multiplayer only.
  2. ensiform


    Just because Jedi academy uses the quake 3 engine as a base does not mean this would work. Quake 3 is not Jedi Academy. Different games and code and networking plus mods require native binaries in jka unlike Q3. Not saying you couldn't take that work and make a version of it, but what you're asking would in no way work at all. The pk3s are not compatible. Or more specifically the game code portion.
  3. Do not use GL Direct. It's garbage. Also it always says pentium 4 for newer machines, it doesn't know anything else. Tell us more information about your machine. What cpu, graphics card if any, etc.
  4. Can't help with that, sorry.
  5. Its no different than the original game having `jaconfig.cfg` and `jampconfig.cfg` Delete openjk_sp.cfg and it will be fine but you'll lose all your settings which you will want to anyway since there is now a lot of mixed up settings that don't belong. Generally speaking unless you are absolteuly certain after talking to one of us, there is no need to post something like this on GitHub Issues before at least asking about it here or Discord first.
  6. Multiplayer: openjk.cfg Singleplayer: openjk_sp.cfg You ran the wrong one and broke your config file for single player (and) subsequently and the installation. There really isn't a reason to load openjk.cfg or openjk_sp.cfg from inside the game manually as they will be overrided by the game itself frequently. Please only post user issues here, GitHub is for actual issues that aren't derps.
  7. You have cg_renderToTextureFX set to 0, it should be 1.
  8. If it was actually set to release and using the build you made (if it succeeded), you would not see this error. Clearly at the very least, you're using a debug jagame dll.
  9. That works, but it wouldn't in a pure server. Plus the references are messed up so if a mod or OpenJK finally gets http downloads working soon, it'll not know what to do in that case of renames.
  10. It prioritizes z before a. And 9 before 0. This applies to pk3 files only.
  11. Actually the game loads in reverse alphabetical order. Hence why assets3 or zzz overrides assets0.
  12. There's no such way to totally remove the cap. If you mean number of files or spawned there will be two different scenarios with one being more difficult to work around.
  13. Launch the game with OpenJK again once, then open up the console and type condump console.txt and press enter. Then exit the game, look under My documents/My Games and find the console.txt under OpenJK within the base folder. Please paste it's contents in a code block on here or link to a paste site with the contents. The blur seems like an effect caused by a mod or external graphics hack.
  14. Almost none of that is related to the animation or model system itself. And none of the code is public even for study afaik. Ghoul2 is already quite advanced as it is. The rest would be likely pertaining to some form of scripting in the game code logic.
  15. Sounds like you just want clan arena in jka?
  16. Wondering where one can find the source repo these days. Given that it's required to be released it should at least be mentioned somewhere on the site NVM: Found it @ https://github.com/jkanewmod/NewJK/commits/master Looks to be missing a few commits from upstream =]
  17. I don't think it is available yet. Layla works for Facepunch and is doing this on the side for a hobby. I recall them saying it might be made available if there's interest. If you'd like to contact them, you can find them on the etlegacy discord server.
  18. Layla has created a bsp renderer in ue4 for Enemy Territory. No conversion necessary. Also now supports all existing model formats as well. Now they just need to recreate the game code. So, ideally, you'd maybe use existing maps or existing formats while you get things going in this case. Then transition to a normal ue4 created map. Edit: existing model formats are only the ones supported by ET. (md3, mdc, mdm, mdx, mds)
  19. That isn't really the point DT. It's goal is to allow existing assets plus new ones while still being in a new engine.
  20. It's cool but why convert when you can use the real thing? As is the case in Layla's project?
  21. What write protection? The set command can't get around init only ("write protected") message. Nor read only. This is especially true in OpenJK.
  22. Unfortunately the radiant code is not well handled for newer Windows and there's not a lot they can do in it's current state. Most of the libraries used are ancient to a point. Someone should start with posting issues like this on the radiant GitHub issue tracker and hopefully others can follow-up with it for additional test cases.
  23. Yeah don't try to use the registry hack. Might cause more harm than good.
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