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Mandalorian's WIP's

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I thought I'd share some of the stuff I have been doing in JKA with PBR renderer allowing me to make more modern graphics.
 I have been working on a Boba Fett Total conversion for awhile and I picked it up again so I will share progress here.









Mainly been working on this scene for Jabba's Palace, All the aliens here are md3's and they have been animated so it feels more alive.


A small video of the palace




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35 minutes ago, Tompa9 said:

Hi mate. Have u improved your Boba model? Also can you do The Mandalorian skin version pls ? 🙂

Yeah I have. New textures and a lot of work on the model to clean it up. It uses it's own unique _humanoid and animations for my mod but I could likely upload one to replace the vanilla Boba Fett. I have PBR and vanilla shaders. I also Have a Jango Fett model in the works, I still have to create Vanilla textures for. I might make a version with his appearance from The Mandalorian. Maybe I'll do ESB, ROTJ and Mandalorian, both damaged and new. Will take awhile.


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14 hours ago, matiasfett said:


Dude, how can I activate a unique humanoid on a skin that I want?

There are some tutorials here on the hub. I actually need to relearn it. I know I define the skeleton to use when I export it in blender to a .glm file. You need to specify the .gla file to use. Something like that, it's been awhile.

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On 8/21/2021 at 5:06 AM, matiasfett said:


Dude, how can I activate a unique humanoid on a skin that I want?

The quick answer is:

Get hxd, a free hexeditor, and open the glm file you want to use a different gla with.

Near the top of the file in ascii view you should see a filepath pointing to a gla file. Overwrite that path, Warning: do not delete any characters as that will break the file. Just overwrite them with your new gla path.

Save the file and test your edit in singleplayer, the model will from now on no longer work in multiplayer.

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@grimbord No, These are for my own personal project. If I ever finish it I'll upload it.







Started to convert a high poly model I made of Boba Fett awhile ago to JKA. This is what I got so far. This will be the base for the other appearances I mentioned earlier aswell. This will be released here for everyone when I am done 🙂

so far i've rebuilt and rebaked the model from high to low aswell as started to weight it to the _humanoid skeleton. tags and parenting aswell as lods next. 


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On 22/8/2021 at 2:29, AshuraDX said:

La respuesta rápida es:

Obtenga hxd, un editor hexadecimal gratuito, y abra el archivo glm con el que desea usar un gla diferente.

Cerca de la parte superior del archivo en la vista ascii, debería ver una ruta de archivo que apunta a un archivo gla. Sobrescriba esa ruta, Advertencia: no elimine ningún carácter, ya que eso rompería el archivo. Simplemente sobrescríbalos con su nueva ruta de gla.

Guarde el archivo y pruebe su edición en un jugador, el modelo ya no funcionará en el modo multijugador.

I love you bro, I had asked many times how I could do it and nobody told me

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So I have worked on the Fett model a bit more. Had to retopologize it again and rebake all the textures. Reduced the model so far to 5,800 vertices but still have to add some more parts for the other skins.

I have also made it use the Vanilla shader workflow so I thought I'd show that off. I had some trouble with the specularity map not working from the Substance Painter Filter AshuraDX made so I just made my own in Gimp.



Qn0Gi10.pngNTPsWyH.pngvLwgXwX.pngupWY9Mq.png(flat shaded, no lighting)

K8ZKoW3.png(just the specularmap)


I've started on the other skins too 🙂 I have yet to rig this model to the skeleton weight it add tags etc.


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