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Work in progress: New Republic Prison Ship from The Mandalorian

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Had a little time to work, so started scaling down the length between the support columns in the hallways.   

I may check my math tomorrow, though its looking close.

Picture is just to help visualize,  cells here set at 3 x 3, then a small corridor, repeated once.     Actual layout not set. 

I did not scale the placeholder cell doors, so they may be altering the perspective.  The scaling down also highlighted how off center my MS paint overhead light panel texture was made!  It's probably skewing the perspective.

Player model is dark now, maybe something to due with the density of light entities currently in the hallway.   Maybe it will rectify when the lighting shader textures are set and some of the light entities are removed?

Also cleaned up the arena and siege file.





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Lunchtime texture upgrade / brush cleanup.

Removed placeholder excessive brush & texture combo that was littering the hall wastefully.

New texture for the cell door panels, and a new panel texture for the pillars in the small corridors with no jail cells.   

Not final product, the shape is wrong, but its closer to the source and easier to replace with the final texture when it comes time. 












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Having issues with what im guessing is a Windows 10 and Wi-Fi issue.

All other devices work except my desktop, which has Windows 10 and updated recently.   

It's ruining my workday, as well as halting progress on my mod.

Very frustrating - anyone else having this fun with the new win 10 update?   


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Optimized lanes by removing brushwork that was simulating the indents that run across the sides - replaced with a texture that I made to align with the indents on the columns.    

It allowed the removal of a large number of brushes, and gave the area a nice consistent look, as well as simulating the lateral indent lines around the cell doors. 

Not the final texture, but looking pretty close for the first pass.

Still working on fixing the light shader for the columns.





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I turned the lights on.

Initial shader bug fix I tried was adding some blue color to the image being blended, thinking that might help - no result.   

So I looked at the shader file I made.  Noticed it was saved as a .text file in the shader folder.  Thought that may have been the issue.  Found a way to revert it back to a .shader, and ..... nothing... lol.   

Next I looked into my shader script, and found the texture it referenced at the opening line was incorrect - In trying to revert the .text file earlier, I think I opened an existing .shader file and copy pasted into it, and then renamed it to the new name, forgetting to change/remove that top line.

That made the blended glow shader work - but of course at first it was the blue light special from my earlier attempt to fix the shader.   (Final picture below)

And lastly, I returned the textures to a more white tone glow.


I think they need more light intensity, but at least they are in place now and easy to change as I refine all the textures.





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Lunchtime dabbling with the cell door texture and the lighting.

Found an egregious leak that was ruining the lighting,   caused by some decimation of earlier hallway builds.   Now the level and player models have lighting and color again.

Currently the build is just 3 short hallways (and a control room),  that I have been changing and altering as I build out a form of the main hallways.   

The cell door construction is the next/last thing I need/want to build to out closer to the end product. 

Once the cell door construction is refined,  I should be able to quickly propagate the rest of the map to a testable state.     

After that, it will be refining the layout, and ultimately going over all the textures.   Having quality textures that highly reflect the source material will be what really "completes" the map.   

Its already begun to be "fun" to run through the corridors shooting - if you dont look at the textures too closely lol.




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32 minutes ago, ZanderNao said:

I have been watching with baited breath. The shaders really brought it to life! You're doing wonderful work! As you refine the door modeling, which I agree seems to be the last piece of the puzzle, will you have one or two of the cells that can open?

Thank you for the compliments!  

Yes, I intend for a least one functional cell door and a fully modelled prison cell to be included.

The OP post has all the current plans for the map, and I update it if anything regarding the map changes.

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First "concave" beveled door construction, flush to the wall and indented like the source depiction.    Door on the left side has the first pass concave door construction.   (right side is the protruding doorframe)   

Clearly a bad construction, causing a leak that is darkening the player model again.   But slow stepping towards the correct direction.


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Not to much time available for the editor, but had to at least make a small adjustment.

Made the recessed door a size larger.   The previous quick mock up was smaller than the existing doors.   (Also enlarged the and refit the texture)   

The enlarged concave door is on the right in the photo, in contrast to the convex door on the left.      It makes a difference in perception, subtle but evokes the source material - though still needs to be re-adjusted/re-done,( and textured).

Fixed the leak as well.


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The larger concept inward-beveled cell doorframe.    I think it needs to be just a unit smaller, though its closer to scale.  






The convention of the main hallways is that the upper side walls are beveled along the corridors, and halls/rooms are squared at intersections to other corridors.

The cell door protrudes into the bevel a little at the top, which ill probably "fake" in with a texture on the bevel - as well as bake in the glowing prison cell number into the bevel texture.



After the cell door construction is complete, the rest of the level is mostly variations on a corridor.   Cut/Paste/Add a little detail here and there.    

Textures and texture variations will be the key to make the map look polished, as well as shaders.   I have a graphics tablet on the way -  the texturing should become quicker, cleaner and nicer with a better drawing tool. 


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