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  1. Absolutely love the architecture, like the Mustafar looking bridge in level 13, the curved corners and stairs of Level 6. Each level has its own style and appears to have drawn from a lot of sources. Unique color pallets and lighting accents the styles used. Can't wait for this to be released.
  2. @NAB622 thanks for the help, worked wonderfully On that note, is there a way to combine the specular/enviro shader WITH the light glow shader?
  3. As the title says, I'm having an issue with the shader file for my map. The glow appears to work, but its had an unexpected (and unwanted) side effect, the shader is now see through. Realistically the shader itself isn't complex and is fairly standard, so I'm not sure exactly what the issue is? I typically use the same shader for all my lights and light source3s, and can't recall having this issue previously. Did I F-up the shader? Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. A few updates on the Aliens theme. Adding some hallway variation to help differentiate which area your in. It blends nicely.
  5. As an old school JK:DF2 guy, I love the charge jump, its nostalgic. Though as previously stated, based on the JA combat style, the charge jump doesnt make sense.
  6. Figured rather than post a new thread every time I get "the bug", I'd just make a WIP thread and just update it as I go. So, as it begins, I've started a new DM level, possibly pack haven't decided yet. I know the lighting in these few SC's is dark, but that's the point ?
  7. I was aware of needing both a glm and md3, but isn't the pickup version also an md3? Presently I'm sitting on 2 models, both in OBJ format, one internal and one external.
  8. Interesting facts there. Since I'm making my doors in radiant and exporting as ASE. So by using an ASE it's basically as if I'd made the door from brushes in general. Nifty.
  9. So I've been contemplating making a new weapon for some of my levels. I have the OBJ model, textures, and Blender, but it seems we have no tutorials for creating and importing custom weapons. We had a video tutorial but the link appears dead. Unless someone wants to offer help?
  10. @Rmvsallen I've been working on a Clone Wars mod for JK:DF2 for a long time. We have a B1 model, but with you permission, (and provided I could convert it successfully), I'd love to use yours instead. If for no other reason than for the full skinlist! Add variety like I am with my Clones.
  11. there is actually a model key also (atleast in 1.5 its a selectable option right above the sound box), that seems to support ase. If the file was an MD3 would it function properly? On that npte, can I target a 2nd func_door to the first one to make them open together?
  12. Good evening fine folks, I was working on a map earlier and I'm running into a small problem./ When making a FUNC_DOOR there is a target path for a model to be displayed. I have currently set my door brush, and my model path to the door half I want to use, however when I test in game the brush is completely invisible. To verify it actually exists, I set it to player activate, and the activation prompt appears, and the sound plays, but again, no model. Is there a special way to do this?
  13. Yes I have, that was where I got my start. For JK/MotS the only ones presently active are "Aliens: Dark Beginning" and "Power of the Force"
  14. So I'm thinking the layout is pretty much finalized. I'm 80-90% happy with it, I may still tweak the heights of some of the floating platforms. As it sits at present, the playable area is 2048x2048 units square. At the highest point it is 576 units above the floor, and the deepest pit is 4096 units straight down. To Dos include adding the trigger/cushion brushes for the pits, adding spawns for multiple game modes, possible bot routing, and the weapons spawns for the other game modes. Currently it contains around 60 DM spawns, to offer some variety in spawn location, however with the symmetry of the map, its not as visually varied lol. Planned game modes are for FFA, Team FFA, Possible Duel and Power Duel (I know its a larger duel map). Whats the popular opinion on the lighting? I'm currently utilizing 3 variations of the same color schemes, yellow, white, and blue. I may tweak the blue tone of the blue lights to be mopre.. well... blue. its currently at a .5 .5 1 color setting, while yellow is 1 1 0. THE OVERVIEW OF THE MAP LOOKING ALONG ONE "SIDE" THE CENTER SPIRE
  15. @fullkevlar next time you test the map, try the walking up to it and tapping crouch. With only a 5unit gap at the ledge, it shouldn't be that big a difference. The crouch tap also worked at 64 units with an 8 unit ledge, but didn't at 48 units.
  16. So, I'm not sure if you're strictly going with visual comparisons for scale, but if you need measurements, Bill Burr is 5'10" and Pascal is 5'11". Both actors appear to come up to roughly 2/3 the height of the corridor right? Typically (atleast in the old JK games, I used 1jku as 1 meter since the Kyle model was roughly 1.87 meters) so if we assume that the player models in JA follow that same scale, 1.87 meters, then the scale would be roughly 96 units from floor to ceiling? Your POV camera between the 1st and 3rd person is in a different location. 1st appears to be below the head height and 3rd is obviously above. Personally I prefer sticking with 1st person perspective for scale testings, only using 3rd or additional models (kyle player reference works well here) to actually check the height scale. As for your door, I've done a crouch test myself and I've found that on a standard 64-8subdivision the height for crouch was 56units. this was from floor to ceiling, and add an 8unit "ledge" that i walked up to, tapped crouch and ducked right in. So unless its additional collision from your door model then 72 should be enough clearance to enter. Not sure if the same physics applies to cylindrical entries, but try walking up to the door way, and tapping crouch as you "walk into" the doorway. How high is the door ledge off the floor?
  17. Just a minor update, testing the symmetry of the map. Not sure if I like the mixed yellow vertical and blue horizontal platforms (in the corners), or if I prefer the solid yellow vertical and platforms (on the middle sides). Current playable area is a 2048x2048 square, not sure about the vertical height yet. Unlike my previous Grid map, this will have map edges and pitfalls that can prove treacherous for the combatants. The skybox (perhaps temporary) is from the MGS:VR Missions mod from CS, and unfortunately looks rather pixelated compared to the rest of the map and textures. All light edges and actually light emitting sources, and will provide the illumination for the map. Any questions, comments, critiques, please post them. I always love feedback.
  18. So about 8 years ago, during my heyday of classic JK/MotS mapping, I took inspiration from a certain movie, as well as games like MGS:VR Missions, and began a small Deathmatch level for Jedi Knight that I called "The Grid" Recently I've had the bug to get into MP mapping for Jedi Academy (as shown by my FFA_Dust and other maps), but I've been reliving my JK maps and decided to revitilize them (in one form or another) for JA. First up will be, FFA_Grid. A complete redesign of the map style from JK, but keeping the arena layout style, and glowing textures.
  19. 69 downloads

    A small FFA/Duel/Power Duel arena. Designed with Lunaran's LUN3DM4 textures specifically in mind.
  20. Never mind, I figured out where I screwed up. The arena file was pointing to maps/dest_duel.bsp instead of maps/duel_dest.bsp ??
  21. So the console gives the typical startup for the map, hostname, IP etc. But then it says: can't find map maps/dest_duel.bsp And below that : unknown command "addbot" However the BSP is in the base/maps folder, and also in the PK3.
  22. Admittedly it's been a while since I've released a map, however I have followed all steps as necessary. - Map compiled error free, and does test in game. - Arena file properly made, shows FFA and DUEL (has spawnpoints for both) - Levelshot taken - PK3 Made with things in proper folders (only necessary items) However when I go to test in MP, the level shows in the Duel and FFA subsections, however the level shot doesn't display (just the default MP loading screen), and when I try to load and play the map through MP it kicks me back to the main menu. Below is a SC of the PK3 layout, I'm assuming that's the cause of the issues.
  23. I have to say, I am really liking this. I really liked this episode, and this would make a great map for the game. The corridors are looking about the right width now. Can't wait to see the progress you make!
  24. An awesome mapper by the name of KungFuSquirrel made a map for the game PREY, which involved being able to literally walk on the walls of the map (see link below). Is such a map possible in JA? If so, how might it be accomplished? KungFuSquirrel's Bender map.
  25. Kind of a cryptic subject? Good lol. After a bit of a hiatus (needed a new mouse), I've begun work on a new FFA level with a familiar feel. Utilizing textures in the CS theme, I've begun what i've dubbed FFA_DUST. Level layout is essentially done. It's in essence a full loop, with very few if any potential hang ups. Hoping to finish the design and begin item placement and maybe bot-routing (my first attempt) by the end of the week.
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