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  1. Hello guys. I have a problem with sprites on my map and I'm slowly getting desperate. I've generated terrain with EasyGen and wanted to work on shaders a bit, I've added q3map_material to each of them - no issues. Then I wanted to add some custom sprites (I've used them before as regular shaders and everything was fine). The problem is that the sprites do show up in game but very randomly. For testing purposes I've added them to an unblended grass texture only. In theory, sprites should cover 100% of this texture when it's not blended with any other texture, but it's not the case. The sprites show up on some random terrain triangles here and there throughout the map, the slope doesn't seem to matter (they appear on bigger slopes and on flat triangles, as well). The texture on which they appear is right, but the coverage definitely isn't. I've checked if, for whatever reason, the sprites are rendered underground, but they are not. Does anyone know what's going on here? Can this be fixed somehow? I'd like to have a nice full coverage, not some random tufts of grass. This is how it looks in game: This is the shader that I'm using for sprites: And this is how this shader was originally rendered by EasyGen: EDIT: I've found a solution to this, can post it later if anyone's interested.
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