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  1. That did the trick, thank you! Some additional information, I'm now using OpenJK (it seems to act exactly the same). When running OpenJK's multiplayer exe, "devmap" works fine and loads the updated map, but doesn't show the cutscene (understandably). When running the singleplayer exe, "devmap" doesn't load the updated map, but using "devmapall" as MrWonko suggested does load the updated map. Time to do some more reading and modding.
  2. Hello everybody, I used to dabble in JA mapping a long, long time ago. Recently I replayed the game and got an idea for a singleplayer story-driven mod and started reading up on Singleplayer Modding. I made a test map in gtkRadiant (1.6), saved it, compiled it using the Bsp Menu, and ran the game (I'm using Steam). In the console, I typed "devmap testmap" and it loaded up the map ("map testmap" also works). Afterwards, I made a change to the floor texture, saved, compiled and typed the command in the console again (devmap and map), but it seems to load the map with the previous floor texture. Only when I relaunch the game it loads in the updated map when I type the command in the console. I've noticed in video tutorials that a relaunch of the game is not necessary to load the updated map, so I'm wondering what could I be doing wrong. Any insights will be appreciated, Thanks!
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