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"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""



this is the "Deviant Mandalorian" robed, the new version of the famous pack ;)

it's a customisation pack you can use in SP and MP.



old model created by "Laam'inui", old textures created by "Dark_Diablos", new model (with robe) by "Mandalorian", programmation and new menus by Me "Supralord",

thank you all very much ;)



put the pk3 file named "Deviant Mandalorian II robed" in your "Jedi Academy/GameData/Base" folder and play :)


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merci! ;)

hey lucanakin, en effet ça faisait un baille ;) (je ne suis plus retourné sur le forum depuis environ 1/2 mois, depuis la réinscription de rayd'en :/ )

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allez, hop vote effectué !


Ray'den ne vient plus.

Sinon Alden, BĂ©lial et moi on a relancĂ© l'activitĂ© sur l'ex-nouveau forum. Ce n'est plus un clan, mais le but sera de se retrouver de temps en temps entre nous pour des parties coop.  Le projet avance bien et la bĂȘta sera bientĂŽt dispo.

Bref Alden avait posté un truc à ce sujet sur french mandalorian academy.


En tout cas, ça n'as pas l'air d'ĂȘtre la fin des "enquĂȘtes wampa dans la jungle sombre"  ;)

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Salut Supra !


BADASS ton truc, vraiment ! :o


J'ai voté 5/5 :D


Et je l'ai downloadé bien sûr. ^^

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Super luca, si j'ai un peu de temps avec le boulot et tout j'en serai ;)

Mouhahaha bien fait pour rayd'en gnyark

Merci RJA alias darkshorlds ça faisait un baille aussi ;)




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Dude @Supralord! This is faaaaaaaaaan-tastic!! I so Love this model I wanna cry!! :D

The metal and the visor colors are PERFECT!! Is my favourite metal effects!!
You get 5 out of 5 stars from me! Seriously, I'd give you 1000 of 10, but is unclickable. :D

I do have a small request... could you please add more variations and colors?
And like a glowing symbol on his shoulder - and some buttons on his control panel wrist?

For the purple and red color - can you make them balloon red (lol - I dunno how to call this color).
It looks like this:


This is sooo awesome. This is now my, by far, most favourite JKA model. EVER.

Supralord likes this
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very thanks Angel Soul ;)

yes i can do that if you want, but i just begin to make shaders and it's a very hard work for me, i must learn more to improve my creations :/

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very thanks Angel Soul ;)

yes i can do that if you want, but i just begin to make shaders and it's a very hard work for me, i must learn more to improve my creations :/

You're welcome man! This is really really really fantastic. I don't like Mandalorians... and this is, like I told you, already my TOP favourite playermodel. :D :D

I would Love to, if you can. :) Whatever you learn more about shaders, please don't change ANYTHING on this amazing model that you have created.

Metal is perfect, light is perfect... everything is perfect! :D


As for shader tutorials - @Rooxon dude has released a guide on their creation. :) You may know some of this already, but I still hope it can help you

in your Mandalorian creation. And all your future creations! :)


Here is link:


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I would really like a version of this where the armor is just a tad bit darker, and the visor go from green to red. That would look amazing! Can somebody tell me how I can make this or simply make it for me? Thanks!

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hey brainy ! The red visor is already in this pack, but for the armor i just can tell you this skin use very strong shaders that i didn't make. So i think you have to replace the picture ".spec" in the "models/players/deviantmando" folder of the pk3 file by another, and change values of the shader. I'm not a shader creator, so i can't give you more details, sorry :/

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In 2021, this is still my favourite model. Just needs CTF skins, with robes. The robes turn gray/white boxes as in texture missing.

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