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  1. Thanks for the reply mate! I know what you mean about most people not being able to commit to 'serious' RP, and I'm definitely aware of the other RPing communities that are out there. It sounds like a colossal task, but there is a numerous amount of Mods that have been created with Open Source accessibility that could all be accumulated into one larger mod that would serve the RPing community. OpenRP, OJP and Clan Mod (not open source) are the obvious ones that I have found! OJP Roleplaying Edition seemed to be the holy grail, but 'mainstream' work on it seems to have gone quiet, and the files of OJP:RP seem to have been lost, despite several communities that are now shut down claiming to have ran it. I've been scouring for some time for them but most progress has been pretty slow! If I was a better Coder, I'd delve into the project myself, but I'm afraid my skills are rather limited - even if the foundation of a Roleplaying Mod already exists in other mods that have been made Open Source.
  2. Hi everyone, The more and more I look around, there seems to be a real desire for a comprehensive JA RP Mod accessible to the community. I personally have a few friends who are interested in creating a server at the moment, and I'm sure there are several others within the JKA RP enthusiasts. However, we are unreliable in terms of coding ability. Would anyone be willing and / or able to fill this gap and work with my community? I've reached out to a few coders independently, but I thought it might be a good idea to ask the wider community what they thought! While many of us roleplayers are aware of current Roleplaying communities, it seems to me that most of them are not what people are looking for. Even the older, 'serious' roleplaying communities have either remained hidden from most people or have just not what been for people are looking for. A mod that is flexible and provides the basic framework of Roleplay within JKA would be great. If any Coders / Developers are around, we would all appreciate it! Something along the lines with: an admin command system with effects, spawn points and everything in between including setting music, map and weatheran XP and in-game account system, so people could have their XP applied by admins for a sense of progression, as well as the ability to set health / force power or have it done via xp amountan edited Lightsaber system? I've played around with OJP, but it's a shame their RP project died on the vine. Not necessarily important to the project Obviously, making a mod and then implementing it onto a server are very different things, as I'm sure there would need to be some online databasing for a secure account / admin system? It doesn't have to be pretty or extremely detailed, but something for us Roleplaying enthusiasts to easily work with would be of great help to the community. In any case, any advice, help or support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading! -Rev
  3. A place to spam memes? Make sure you join!
  4. All your past stuff looks great mate, are you doing anything at the moment?
  5. A manual block? I love it! Keep up the good work mate.
  6. I've always thought Desaan could have had a more menacing look since he was... basically just a dinosaur for me lol. Great stuff!
  7. Looks really good. Keep up the good work mate!
  8. The Battlefront II missions intros / outros offer great opportunities for machinimas. I'd love to see some edgy Kotor 2 Kreia speeches as machinimas with flashbacks and things
  9. Revolution


    Hey everyone! Been trying to get into coding for quite some time, finally thought I would make an account
  10. Though it doesn't do much, Open Jedi Project is great if you want to play co-op with your mates in singleplayer! Welcome by the way
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