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  1. This is beyond great. One of the best models ever great job
  2. True! I missed that, thank you for the advice for the future :D! I will keep that in mind to improve
  3. Hello ShenLong Kazama! I'm a long time fan of yours. Truth be told your graphics inspired my to try this craft myself. I want to share with you a little meme that I made today. Rosh Penin uses 0.0000000046% of his power to destroy New Jedi Order.
  4. It looks great my friend. I love the mood that this location gives; mysterious, ancient, secluded but not forgotten.
  5. Sorry for the spam. I have a kind request. Would it be possible for you to post a link for that droid? https://www.flickr.com/photos/112335994@N05/47174294102/
  6. Hi Jeff! Sorry for bothering you. I remember that you had somewhere a picture gallery of all your amaizing stuff. But I cannot find the link somehow (It vanished from my overlap). Can you please share it once more?
  7. Thank you so much! Also the male robes would be epic and something I wanted for a long time ^^.
  8. I beg your pardon. But I think in Kotor pack there is no such skin as far as I remember. Because this particular model was showed by Jeff not so long time ago .
  9. Hello there! I just wanted to ask one question Jeff. Could you please by any chance link the pk3 of your Kotor 2 jedi robes from gallery? If by some miracle you also have the male robes.... THAT WOULD BE SPLENID ! Your models are awesome, been a long time fan <3
  10. Hey there people! Just a kind request from you ShenLong Kazma. Is it possible to get your great port of Tyth, the God of Rage + his lightsaber pike as an pk3 file? I would be sooooooooooo greatful ! http://www.mediafire.com/file/l2dgw0rd6o06vuw/Tyth.rar
  11. Is this project dead? Map looks awesome!
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