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  1. Model isn't finished yet, but probably not.
  2. Sorry about that, added a picture. Tried the tutorial, I'll never be able to wrap my head around blender sadly.
  3. Alright so, in love with the show, and i've gotten my hands on a high quality model of Jinx, and was wondering if anyone could make a slight tweak to it and make it useable in JKA, i'll just need the model working and the textures fitting, i can handle sounds and all that but i'm a total noob when it comes to blender, so have no idea where to start. Can provide .rar if anyone's up for it
  4. Is the same Ari, don't want to ask for anything until I'm a member though
  5. So, It's come to my attention that stance mods are indeed possible, and after a lengthy discussion with someone else, i've found out I am terrible with Dragon, and now request if anyone else would be up to the task. It's the soresu stance Luminara Unduli assumed when she first stood in the battle of geonosis. If you're up for it, i do not mind it being clientside, since i don't want a client mod stance to mess up my game.
  6. It's completely alright! And don't worry about the blender thingy, if you wanna give it a shot go ahead ♥
  7. I know i don't have much of a say since this is quite literally a free "please can you make this for me" thread, but i was just hoping we could steer away form the rey model, i'd prefer there to be atleast a little bit of build on her and rey is so.. simple, the model just feels like it's a slightly more 3d version of OSRS models.
  8. Alot of great suggestions, although i myself have never been a fan of Rey models. They're all so.. ugly
  9. Actually really helpful, i haven't played much of swtor so i'd never be able to figure out and find this stuff on my own, thank you! ♥ If it's too much of a hassle i believe i can offer close to 100 USD$ to whoever takes up that task, when i get paid at the end of the month ofcourse.
  10. Been looking for something i'd actually wanna use for a while, and this one was the only one to peak my interest. If anyone would like to take it up i'd be more than happy. Possibly can pay if you so wish.
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