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  1. been a while, noticed the reviews from older dates (2019 isn't old!) don't show up and are just blanks for me? anyone else with the same issue? highly believe someone's plants ate it up.

    1. Circa


      It was a result of our forum software upgrade last year. It didn't transfer them properly.

    2. Mysterious Stranger
  2. *throws potted steves at the mess

  3. is the default master server still dead? haven't a way to check but an old friend said wasn't anything. if it's been dead ages maybe staff could make an announcement or something and get it pinned with jkhub's master :x

    1. Mysterious Stranger

      Mysterious Stranger

      ! the potted steve lives! great thanks! xo

  4. It's down on and off so many times I stopped documenting how many times haha... just check the servers using JKHub's master server, nearly every server uses it nowadays.
  5. Ahh that stick! Just personally curious, are you part of the 501st Legion @imperial_officer ?
  6. digging the trees esp the 2 smaller ones heheh and you have bottles, good, very good xD
  7. Have you ever been in a clan that you cared a lot for? Was or is a leader of? Call it pride if you want. Sounds better than yep I paid for it thus the rights are mine X) (but thank you Wasanohime~ ) I played before 1.01 was even out...I've seen plenty of sabotage, spies and people who join other clans to destabilize it from within, one of my server providers accidentally (lazily) copied my server for another client, can't fault me for being paranoid. But those are tales for another time. Or maybe you can say I'm like MoonDog who's left this forum since people took his stuff, used it left right center and called it theirs with a minor bit of tweaking. Not that I'm after credit. But effort / or money has been put in. Particularly if that something that has been made is unique.
  8. Well if I had a say, specifically clan-only model definitely wouldn't want that going outside >< especially if I paid good money for it. Sentimental value I suppose.
  9. I paid for one or two eons ago. Creator was happy, I was happy. Incentives are good as long as one doesn't get too greedy. And of course willing buyer. If you could deliver the moon, sure I'd pay. Would have totally paid for custom items for tournament or achievements back then when JKA was still hot. Sadly those that I know and even myself have left the game now. One thing always bugged me though. Even if we had an agreement to keep the item between ourselves only, always felt that one day it might still leak out. But that's just me.
  10. Console says you're using OpenJK which I've never tried but does old school /color1 work?
  11. someone refresh my 1000000 year old memory, but is it possible to update a 1.00 jampded to 1.01? X(

    1. Circa


      Can't you just download the 1.01 one?

    2. Mysterious Stranger

      Mysterious Stranger

      Happened to have a vastly modified personal 1.00 one that I wanted to update to 1.01 since no 1.01 mod has all the stuff I wanted. But nevermind, found a coder who agreed to do it for me xd on a default 1.01 jampded.

    3. Circa


      Oh that makes more sense. Gotcha.

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