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  1. it appears that Ravensoft's JKA Master server is down again. I noticed it about a month or so ago but I thought it would be back up by now. I knew this happened before and someone contacted someone from Ravensoft regarding this and they were able to bring it back up in the past. I took a look at their website however there was no information such as a support email that I could've send this to.
  2. 1) There does appear to be an error message 2) It appears the same while thrown as well
  3. Shadow


    This map reminds me of a map I once made but never released when I first started to map. It's nostalgic to me for some weird reason. Maybe it was a common tutorial or something?.
  4. It doesn't appear to be textured. I tried with both a modded game, and a fresh install of JKA in both MP and SP. Is it just me? Can someone else test and see if it works?
    Pretty neat map. Simple concept that looks great. I think the thing that impressed me the most was the water. It looks SOO GOOD. While there isn't a lot in the map, whatever it does, it does it well. The only thing about this map that I didn't like was the music choice which I feel shoud've been more peaceful, maybe taking from some of the themes Japanese soundtrack of Dragonball?. One knitpick, I feel we could've been allowed to go a bit further in the water without the invisible barrier. Just saying. It will be a fun map to play on with all the Dragonball models/skins that are available. I can see it being played in Duel/Power Duel mode if the map supports those gametypes.
    I am unsure what to say about this... From the pointy ground, to the sun's lens flare having a visible box, to the sun being visible through the pointy ground... The trees have no mass and the water is too opaque and orange, making the water look more like orange jello, rather than the color of the water looking different due to the setting sun's reflection. The sand gets really jagged and pointy in certain places such as the corners. The forest get really buggy if you load it into SP as well. It is a neat concept however it feels like it is in it's concept stage rather than a completed map ready for submission to a competition. I hope to see improvements on the map in the future.
  5. Shadow

    SC Island

    It is a neat concept however it feels like it is in it's concept stage rather than a completed map ready for submission to a competition. I hope to see improvements on the map in the future.
    Stone Cold: Gonna shoot some womprats! Crowd: Whaaaaat!! Stone Cold: Drink some beer! Crowd: Whaaaaat!! Stone Cold: Kill some reborn! Crowd: Whaaaaat!! Stone Cold: **** Tavion! Crowd: Whaaaaat!! Stone Cold: Ride a rancor! Crowd: Whaaaaat!! Stone Cold: Eat some tacos! Crowd: Whaaaaat!! Stone Cold: Kill some Sith! Crowd: Whaaaaat!! Stone Cold: Kill some Jedi! Crowd: Whaaaaat!! Stone Cold: And shoot some lightning! Stone Cold: And that's the bottom line... because Stone Cold said so!
  6. Maybe it's just me but I think the JKA official master server is down? Anyone else able to confirm that? It's been a few weeks since I played so I don't know when this started but I didn't see any topic on it. I'm well aware of alternative methods to connect to servers and alternative master lists. Just concerned about the status of the official master list
  7. I was referring to a playable porg model with some npc files with them holding a gun or lightsaber, not a porg looking gun or porg looking saber... oh my god.. porgsaber...
  8. Just a silly idea. A playable porg model. Some NPCs, guns, lightsabers. I Dunno. Sounds like really funny silly crap. Just putting the idea out.
  9. I had a feeling the solution would be something obvious that would make me look really stupid lol. Thanks. You'd think the person who made the installation package would've checked that installing GTK radiant 1.4 doesn't install the q3map2 where it needs to be in a q3map2 folder. Once again, thanks for helping me out Xycaleth.
  10. I've recently gotten back into mapping a bit and when I tried compiling any of my maps I got this error: I'm running Radiant: 1.4, and my system's specs are waaay beyond fine, so I assume this must be some permissions/software issue that I am experiencing. So far i've set Radiant and q3map2 to run as admin and compatibility mode. Unfortunately I'm still having the same problem. I am not sure where to start on diagnosing this issue.
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