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  1. Yeah, I mean, this is literally the first thing that came out of it. I was more interested whether people like the idea. Colours and textures should (hopefully) look bit more convincing once I play around with it bit more Yeah, it's pretty good. Although I'm making effects for makermod (which I forgot to mention). So rather than having this as an explosion from a gun or a grenade. You'd spawn it using makermod if it's installed on the server.
  2. About a year ago, I created a topic asking for ideas to create in-game effects. Someone suggested realistic explosions, but I was too busy to really even give it a go. Now a year later, I come back with the prototype of the effect. I'm not sure if it'll ever be available for download, or complete. But I'll do my best if I really feel up for the job. For now, I just wanted to ask what people think of it, and if they have any further suggestions. As of now, there's only one effect, which I based on a nuclear explosion. Screenshots: https://postimg.org/image/jy427vik1/ https://postimg.org/image/xgayk5upd/ https://postimg.org/image/lsgwpm5kh/ https://postimg.org/image/3qxrrtbjl/ The effect is not a script. but an actual effect. It takes about.. 10ish seconds to get from picture 1 to 4. So what do people think? Note: Yeah, I just realised I put this in Requests and Suggestions rather than WIP. Whoops
  3. Heeyy, I made Scooper re-upload the file, yay xD
  4. So, apparently there has been MakerMod 1.3 released in 2010, and for god's sake I can't find it anywhere. I'm still running on version 1.0 and would like to move up Could someone possibly give me a link to a download or something? Unless I was fooled into 1.3's existence Remove/Move this topic if in wrong section
  5. Yo guys, it's been a while since I've played JK or visited this forum. Nevertheless I come here with a question (which I might have asked before, I don't remember). Basically, I want to find out how does rocket tracking work from the game, and find the folder with the script(s) responsible for the rocket launcher, but I don't know where it is ._. I want to use it to make a script where fx follows the target and possibly triggers something once collided. Did anyone tried this before? You lot think it's possible to make script like this? xD Any ideas where I can find the folder? >_< I'm not sure if it's even the right section... Oh well, I can always change it / make new one in right section
  6. Are there any other programs besides EffectsEd that can be used to create special effects?
  7. I'll work on that, and I think that I know how to do it...
  8. I don't think so I just want to know what kind of effects people would like to see e.g. "I want to see a fire ring" or "make a rasengan from Naruto!" is it still vague? if so, explain what you don't understand
  9. What I mean are the effects I could make using EffectsEd, I probably should've mention that xD I guess I could do that if I mix it with script. I wish EffectsEd was made better
  10. Do you guys have idea for effects for JKA? I'm looking especially for effects fire-related Share your ideas for effects (especially if you think your idea is epic!!!)
  11. Would you guys want another JK game with same or even more flexible modding system and better systems (e.g. combat) + epic multiplayer (same as in JK3) ? Personally I would love it but only if it would be well-made, what you guys think? what you lot would like to see? PS: I'm learning programming (slowly, but I am) and in the future I want to be best game maker so you know... you never know what I could make ^,^
  12. Yo, Galen's here and I have another question to you - smart guys. what program is used to make animations for JKA? Can it be blender? If so, in what format and how to swap new anim. with the old one?
  13. Is there particular website or tutorial that I should use to make basic objects in Milkshape? Because all I want is only plane model and shader on it.
  14. I would like to make my own objects for MM pack but I have no clue which program is able to create them and save in correct format so it works in game so can I ask for help? xd
  15. how can I add my own textures? not the ones from assets
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