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  1. Yes, I guess it is pretty bad. But I'm not really good at any modeling beyond simple frankensteining like this, and if I tried to fix it I imagine it would end up quite hideously deformed. At least it's a start, I suppose. Maybe to be a female in the Imperial military you need to be really masculine…?
  2. 894 downloads

    @@NumberWan was taking too long to release his Female Imperial Officer, so I have made my own. This is a frankenstein of the base Jedi Human Female head using Scerendo's skins onto my favorite HapSlash Improved Imperial officer model. I made no attempt to model the body to have proper female anatomy; I do not think it would make enough of a noticeable difference. If this really bothers you, fix it yourself, and we would all appreciate it. As in my Male Imperial Officer mod, you can choose from a Naval, Naval Subofficer/Stormtrooper, and ISB uniforms. Known Bugs: At certain angles (most n
  3. 433 downloads

    My third mod based on HapSlash's Improved Imperial Officer. This mod puts Kyle, Luke, Jedi, Jedi2, JediTrainer, JediMaster in Imperial officer uniforms and replaces Rosh, other Jedi, and Rebels with Imperial officers. FAQ Why? Good question. Because I can. Why are Imperial Officers studying the force at the Jedi Academy? Don't think about it too much. Why hasn't Rosh been frankensteined onto an Imperial Officer body? Everyone was sick of his face. Why is Kyle Katarn a Grand Moff? Don't call him that; titles make his skin crawl. When are you going to stop making Imperial officer mod
  4. 316 downloads

    Yes, ladies and gentlemans! Yet another Chiss bartenders in a Grand Admiral uniforms! But as I far as I know this is the first model to frankenstein the Chiss head onto HapSlash's Improved Imperial Officer body rather than just the base game's Imperial body. I made this more for myself to practice frankensteining than for any other purpose. Credit to HapSlash for body and Raven for head. Team Skins: Yes NPC: Yes (npc spawn thrawn) Bot: Yes New Sounds: From JK2 Epaulets: No, unfortunately Pellaeon not included. I suppose I can add customization support (different uniform options, like m
  5. Next, I want to start playing around with frankensteining different heads onto the officer body. But because the Haps Imperial Officer model is for JK2, it don't seem to be "compatible" (different skeletons, I believe) with JKA models from which I would get new heads. How can I fully convert a JK2 model to a JKA model? Based on my preliminary searches, I think it has something to do with weighting, which I don't really understand. How difficult is this? I admit I haven't done much research yet and I am sure there are countless tutorials out there, but none I've been able to find so far deal
  6. Found this: http://swanh.net/ Nearly as good as the actual movie. Read through the whole thing listening to the New Hope soundtrack, it's perfect.
  7. Version 1.1


    Player can customize an Imperial Officer by choosing from 14,688 22,032 combinations of faces, accurate rank badges and code cylinders, uniform colors, gloves, holsters, and belt boxes. All these options were possible in HapSlash's original model and Cryptaea's skins, but customization is now made easier using Jedi Academy's interface in Single and Multiplayer. Most content (modeling and skinning) created by these two aforementioned authors, customization support added by Oldenburg (including icons and minor model edit). Currently includes three uniforms in customization: olive-grey Naval Of
  8. I want to take the Haps Imperial Officer and make it fully customizable in the Single Player character chooser, i.e. allow the player to choose rank badge, number of code cylinders, belt boxes, holster, etc. Unfortunately, with the exception of the 2x3 rank badge and two of the four code cylinders, all those aforementioned features are all "surfed" off by default (is "surf" in this context a verb?), and as far as I can figure out I cannot surf them on without editing the model or adding them in a .npc file (the latter of which doesn't help me in the character selection screen). As soon as I ca
  9. Everything I've ever wanted has finally come true: https://jkhub.org/topic/2202-large-imperial-officer-request-thread/
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