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  1. Thanks a lot! Works like a charm. I had no idea that was a new feature added in OpenJK since I've rarely played with the original executables.
  2. Hello! I've run into an issue where NPCs are not using the saber colors defined in the .npc files. Instead, it seems that the game is using whatever colors are defined within the .sab files. If I remove "saberColor" from the .sab files, the sabers simply default to red. The NPC saber colors were previously working with a slightly customized build of OpenJK, so it appears to be an issue with JA++. For reference, I compiled JA++ myself with the source code available here. I made a few minor modifications to increase limits such as the amount of player models that can be displayed in the menus, the amount of saber hilts that can be loaded in, etc.
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