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  1. Hello community, here's a recent playthrough of Outcast that I found. It has a different style of commentary and a very unique playstyle that I've never seen before on other walkthoughs, as in, the player doesn't neglect guns and makes use of more...creative solutions to problems. Here's a video if you're interested:
  2. maybe you can use your saber to make another bridge, just sayin

  3. I've messed around with gfx/effects/cloakedEffect and chrome2.jpg but they seem to do nothing as I can't see any difference in the cloak effect when spawning in a shadowtrooper or saboteur. All I want is to turn that pseudo-cloak into something less gimmicky, It would be way cooler if cloaked enemies would actually be hard to spot instead of that glaring blob that sticks out like a sore thumb. I've checked this little mod by AshuraDX but it doesn't do anything as well...
  4. I guess I'll just comment the whole thing out, since I don't want any increases whatsoever. It's a bit strange the whole thing with jedi classes though, I have no idea where that modifier might be coming from.
  5. Well yes, I know what that code says but it's a lie. It also says that several force-user classes don't receive bonuses but they do, and those don't even follow the 100%>125%>150% code, they just seem like arbitrary bonuses. For bosses it also doesn't work like it's written there. You can do some simple testing yourself, get the player(you), set undying mode on and set your health to a value of a npc you know. Spawn it in and place both of you near a damage source that deals 1 dmg per sec and after you health gets to 1 see if both of you die at the same time and if not then count the seconds until npc death and you'll have a solid approximate or even correct value of the health. After some simple math you can get the percentage increase and for some classes you'll see it doesn't add up.
  6. I'm talking about sp. A quick glance at the code in g_spskill confirms what is said, for non force-users. Reborn and Jedi do get a health increase, contrary to what is stated, but I don't know what's behind that. And yes there needs to be caution editing this, goes without saying. But I won't be doing anything until I know exactly what's happening.
  7. There was a thread a while back here regarding the game's code, where a then-developer answered some of the questions. It would appear that npcs (all of them, even your allies) have 100% of their health on Padawan, 125% on Jedi and 150% on Jedi Knight. I have done some testing and this more or less checks out. Bosses have 75% of their health on Padawan, 100% on Jedi and 125% on Jedi Knight. In my testing this wasn't true upon spawning known bosses in like Tavion and Alora, it might happen in their respective maps. It is said that npcs that belong to force user classes don't have any health modifiers but upon testing that's incorrect - I was spawning them in on Jedi Knight difficulty and they have what seems like arbitrary health increases since I couldn't pinpoint an exact percentage. Cultist Saberists, for example, had around 115 health instead of their base 100; Shadowtroopers had 235 instead of 200 and Desann had 800 something (I don't remember the approximate value) instead of 500. Anyone knows the real math behind this? Also I would like to know what sect of the code should I delete to remove this "feature". EDIT: I found the developers' reply to my question, that's where I got the percentages you see here
  8. I have some of the assets I think are from a demo (?) Don't know if the mod devs would agree with it's distribution though
  9. Npcs named 'emperor' are hardcoded to use force powers only
  10. Thanks. I had seen that thead before but I think it's a mix of accurate info and speculation.
  11. Like CLASS_MURJJ or CLASS_MORGANKATARN. What do these even do anyway?
  12. The events pane on the left side is empty and if I try to open any ibi file it says the functions in it don't exist EDIT: Ok never change the default unzip path for the sdk otherwise programs won't work. Problem solved.
  13. This was a very pleasant surprise! Very reminiscent of jk1 level design at some points, which i absolutely love. Some areas are way too dark though. Currently stuck on the dvorn academy mission, can't seem to find the data in the archives section, where is it?
  14. While i cannot comment on the opinion you have about yourself since i don't know what you did or what happened that made you feel this way, I will say this: self-hate will only worsen your situation much much further. Since you already seem aware of the root of your issues i suggest taking a self-improving attitude, focus more on bettering yourself...after all, even Anakin found redemption in the end after his servitude to the Dark Side I know this sounds like some BS captain obvious advice along the ways of "Oh so you're sad? Be happy then, problem solved." but it's not. It's very important not to cling to anger, bitterness and hatred even though I know how hard it may be to push away those feelings. Good luck, and get better.
  15. And i doubt anyone ever will... glad Artus is getting some love, though I personally thought it was a little boring and it's aesthetic (design, ambiance, textures, ost etc.) gave me headaches - very comparable to t2_rancor from academy.
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